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Pickles Pickles

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Whilst I was working in Bali I would often take my resort guests down to the bungy site in Kuta Bali. I had the opportunity to jump a few times, so I made the plunge. Im not a big fan of heights, so it was always a bit of a challenge to throw myself off the platform.

On a side note I was very lucky to get to meet AJ Hackett himself whilst I was in Bali. He was over checking on his operations team of which I happened to know the Aussie contingent, so they invited me to join them at a local bar. He was a very interesting man.


nikkirush12 nikkirush12

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It was AMAZING. Would totally do it again. Thank you AJ HACKETT

davey.witter davey.witter

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On 24th of July me and two friends were at starbeach in Hersonissos in Greece. On this evening Dj Dyna was the dj, but the music wasn't very good. Before we went on this holiday trip we told to each other that we wanted to go bungy jumping. 

At the time we got bored, we saw people jumping down. So we thought let's ask for the price. When we arrived we thought why not, and signed up to go bungy jumping. One of my friends didn't had enough money with him, but me and another friend did and only the two of us went down.

We signed a paper, paid the price and went down towards the seats where you can take place before you can jump. You'll be made ready when seated down there. When the machine came down, the ropes where attached to the cup and you have to stand at the upper corner of the cup. The cup went up for 60 meters. At the top you'll have to stand at the opening of the cup and the instructor counted down. 

At the time the instructor arrived at 3, I thought if I don't jump now, I will never. And I went down. The feeling of falling down is great, but when half way down, I thought to myself 'Did they attach the rope properly?' and got a little scared. But when I was down I felt the rope stretch and felt relieved. 

Overall I give this experience a 8 because the feeling of falling down is great. But the experience is just very short.

livia.holanda livia.holanda

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dirtypiratehooker19 dirtypiratehooker19

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It was incredible jumping off the ledge overlooking Queenstown New Zealand today!


amirbabakk amirbabakk

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Beating the fear of heights !

tori.mcnoe tori.mcnoe

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 Terrified but Mesmerised.

peter_obrien1 peter_obrien1

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Lake Taupo, New Zealand, Monday 6th August.

hdrabwell hdrabwell

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clement.auo clement.auo

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Did it at Kawarau Bridge, the grandfather of all bungies in NZ.

It wasn't as scary as it seems. The scariest part was actually just before the jump. Not quite fun as you end up quite disorientated. Would recommend Canyon Swing instead if anyone's interested in jumping off a platform.

kristy.ellwood kristy.ellwood

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Whistler 2012 <3

asha_moss asha_moss

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One of the most amazing experiences i've ever had- biggest adrenaline rush- i never thought i could do it but i'm so happy i did- such a life changing experience.

marshalee.marsh105 marshalee.marsh105

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Done 1 Bungy jump so far. Was a very big teaser or the real jump i expect to have the next jump over and done with by the end of the year. :)  

Maccie Maccie

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1. Cyprus

2. Mysteryland


Rysa Rysa

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 Crazy adventure! 

charnessa10 charnessa10

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Wik Wik

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Did it in New Zealand, J.K Hackets original jump, 43 meters! Februari 2011.

LDawes LDawes

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In New Zealand. February 2010

hutchins_dan hutchins_dan

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supermads supermads

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New Zealand  :-)  1995 - Queenstown

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