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tine4cats tine4cats

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 My first car broke down in the parking lot! i had my car since high school (8years) and it was a 03' Hyundai Elantra. I told myself I'll get my dream car ( Jeep Wrangler) after my first car....didn't happen because I was expecting! So I got an SUV for my little one. It may not be my dream car but I brought my car without help, it feels like a success! 

LadyLynn LadyLynn

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 First time buying a car was kinda awful and liberating. I needed the car because my previous one was totaled from a wreck so not the best circumstances. Then when I went to buy, I was sick and felt terrible. I did manage to find what I wanted and in the color I wanted. The salesman I worked with was very nice and answered all my questions. If he didn't know then he found out for me. In about a week, I went from no car to a brand new one! 

kimberlybj07 kimberlybj07

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Best day ever!!!!


Emathews28 Emathews28

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Cheryl; bought new in September 2012, paid off October 2017.

roastedsmoores roastedsmoores

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Bought this '04 Nissan Maxima. Greatest purchase I've ever made. So in love with this car.  

Minilinz Minilinz

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loved that wee mini


s508396 s508396

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I want to buy my own car with my own money.


hopealvarnaz hopealvarnaz

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Finally we bought our own car. A Saab 2.0 9-3 2008 4dr blue. After two weeks we crashed it! That's life.

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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a ford ka


ovosebacon ovosebacon

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 Fox trend 2009 ♥️

samismymuse samismymuse

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So over rated. So much money going down into a black hole. So glad we have good public transportation where I live!

Photo my own.

Cp72 Cp72

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 Bought a BMW 320i paid cash it was great!

serban.cosma serban.cosma

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And his name is Udi :) 

jenniferbrowne01 jenniferbrowne01

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2007 Acura TSX - From October 2013 to ....


KC39597930 KC39597930

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Anyone that has grown up in poverty knows the constant fear that this will be the life you always of daily struggle and worry. I feared that I would never be able to break the cycle, and I would have to work miracles like my mother, working minimum wage to take care of 3 kids on her own. I worked hard and kept my nose clean, landing my dream job at 21. It's not much, but my first car means not having to worry about whether I will make it to work or home, whether or not the heat will work when it's -10 out. Sometimes I still worry that it can all be taken away and the magic carpet will be pulled out from under me...but for now, I'm just working hard and enjoying the ride.

IsMint IsMint

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Bought my first car chevy cavalier [email protected]

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There's cartoon fire on that photo of my car because I saw a spider in it haha.  Went through my step dads work and they did everything for me and more  :)

ninja58219 ninja58219

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Used money from my savings account, £1400  :)

jessica.l.knotts jessica.l.knotts

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 This is my third car, but it was the first new (or even relatively new) car that I bought, and I'm insanely in love with it. It is a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited.

davi0127 davi0127

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I bought my brand new 2016 Camry last fall. There's nothing like driving your very own car off the lot with less than 10 miles on it!!

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