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behnam.basti behnam.basti

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i had 4 days off so i planed to go to north of Iran with my girlfriend and camp there together for 2 nights. we had amazing cuddling in sea shore :)

jcoronel jcoronel

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We went to Pismo Beach, CA and stayed there two days, one night. We managed to get our truck stuck in the sand constantly. Keep in mind this is a truck made for off-roading, so I suggest you take a rope, and a shovel to dig yourself out! There are of course wonderful people with even bigger trucks to help pull you out, but still.


agudino1 agudino1

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We learned a lot our first time camping... most importantly DONT FORGET THE FLAG!!

Went to Pismo beach for a night and successfully got my truck stuck in the sand twice! Thankfully there were nice people all around us to help us out and tow us to where we needed to be.  

k8enmatt k8enmatt

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Many nights camped on Crystal Beach and around Galveston.


planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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I camped on the beach with a group of Korean exchange students and their families last summer. It was amazing and relaxing...just need an air mattress next time. The ground was sooooo hard!

slustig slustig

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How better to spend Pesach than to go and camp out on a beautiful Israeli beach with a ton of Brazilians? 

purevibe1 purevibe1

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one of the most amazing  back packing trips I've ever done was the lost coast of California  

KissGoodbye KissGoodbye

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Hiiumaa beaches may not be very sandy but they sure are a sight to see.  

climbtothestars climbtothestars

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Make sure to choose a beach that has sand...not rocks LOL 

marthaadeliaa marthaadeliaa

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Had to learn how to set up a tent and a hammock on the spot. Had BBQ, a beach party, swam in high tide, had an awkward kiss in the rain in between the waves and passed out in the tent. Woke up to a sweltering heat but all is good. 

TopFrog TopFrog

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 Cornwall many times 

belladonka belladonka

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Hippie Beach Palestine  

Rhealityyy Rhealityyy

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 Our family will gonna do this thing this summer on Paguriran Island. Yey san tuloy na tuloy na!

Mila_2106 Mila_2106

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Lofoten Islands, Norway - September 2015

torrizaaK torrizaaK

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It was wonderful, and the beach was amazing. The sunset took my breath away! I live in Lofoten, so I get the opportunity often. But I recommend this to all the turist!! 

cindyjoviand cindyjoviand

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 Ospek jurusan.

chemical_elli chemical_elli

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 I love to fall asleep while listening to the waves.

j.nagtalon j.nagtalon

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 I camp with my family and neighbors from time to time when i used to live in Qatar

Sinyoung Sinyoung

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Seafood Barbecue @ South Korea (2007)

somecoolname somecoolname

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the fire was hot and i burned my finger not only that but the sand was burning my toes and i tried surfing and i almost died and some fat hobo took our marshmallows so i couldnt make smores


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