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Daria.s Daria.s

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The highest mountains I have climbed are:

  • Kasprowy Wierch, Tatra Mountains, border between Poland and Slovak Republic - 1987 meters (twice)
  • Giewont, Tatra Mountains, Poland - 1894 metres
  • Śnieżka, Giant Mountains, border between Poland and Czech Republic - 1602 meters


emmysadventures emmysadventures

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Climbed Snowdon in uni with my housemates, it wasn't nearly as tiring as I thought it would be ^_^. Regardless of everything that's happened with the people and place I'm happy I can say I climbed a mountain back in 2013!

vikpaul28 vikpaul28

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another world...

SeanMcIntee SeanMcIntee

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Just under 3000m above sea level!

jzsaliba jzsaliba

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2010 :)


laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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Climbed mount Azhdahak (3850) in Armenia. 

Sophinx Sophinx

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Patagonian Andes 45 day Mega! Beyond words incredible.


itsx3kelsey itsx3kelsey

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I climbed Mount Monadnock in NH with my boyfriend and two of his friends. I have asthma and wasn't doing to good at first. Once I found the right pace for me to go up the mountain, I made it all the way to the summit.


Pudding Pudding

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Climbed Mt Snowdon.


ignas.tarabilda ignas.tarabilda

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 I've climbed a mountain in Slovakia named Lomnický štít

sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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Conquered the highest peak in Japan, Mount Fuji at 3776 m and witnessed the most amazing sunrise :)


martin.g.schmid martin.g.schmid

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July 2015, Dachstein, ~3000m

Enza Enza

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Climbed one mountain (Mt. Manabu, Batangas), hope to do it again in the future! :)

XiaoWu XiaoWu

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Climbed Mount Taishan in China July 2011

Jofflin Jofflin

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Completed: 4/24/13

Lindsay (a childhood friend) and I climbed the Smoky Mountains to travel up to a waterfall in Tennessee.  4/24/13 We hiked up to Rainbow Falls and had lunch under it.

Videos Below:

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On 12/23/2014 I climbed to the top of Pratt's Rock. It was raining slightly, and very cold. The paths had been washed out by Hurricane Sandy, but I made it to the top. The camera was just charged enough to get this picture.

lovelybunny lovelybunny

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We climbed Taal, thought it's a volcano. 


EliJan EliJan

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On my exchange in Iceland I heard that one of the other students was going to climb a mountain. At first it sounded crazy. I'd never even thought about doing such a thing myself. 

But after a while I thought why not. So when a couple of students said they were going to climb it, I joined. Ten other students and I, in various physical shapes, took the bus to the foot of Esja; a mountain close to Reykjavik. 

The climb was long and hard. The weather didn't make it any easier. The clouds were hanging low and were so thick that you couldn't see far. Which was a bit of a setback when we finally reached the top, because we couldn't enjoy the view we worked so hard for. So after a quick lunch we descended and when we got to about halfway down we reached the bottom of the clouds. And the city started to appear under the thick mist. It was a beautiful view.

The way down we all had a blast. After the hard walk up we had barely any strength so we all fell many times in the snow. Which was hilarious.  


Sheelee Sheelee

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Sioux Mountain - Sioux Lookout, ON Canada. It still counts haha!

Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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