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bluenwild bluenwild

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 I used to do this all the time when I was a kid. Obviously, the picture is not showing me as a kid, but rather as a grown woman >20 years old. I still love to climb trees, it never gets old. <3

Mrscaress Mrscaress

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At elvaston castle 


Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 I have always climbed to trees and I'm grateful to my parents that they have never forbidded me to do so. Even still nowadays I sometimes do it, this tree for example is located right next to my university!:D

MyAdventuresomeSoul MyAdventuresomeSoul

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I grew up climbing trees at a very young age & continued until my mom cut down all the tree branches to make the yard look "nicer". Heart broken, I stopped all tree climbing then. (Here I am so happy in my fav tree 30-40 ft in the air. Artistic b & w photo taken by my dad..

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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It was fun but hard


hindsoluman hindsoluman

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i did it in the university and in the dorm 

وسوينا المهمه ومرتين كمان بالجامعه وبالسكن xD 

ومتأكده بتتكرر كثير من أسهل المهام xD 


lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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The Tree at Camp was called Goddess Tree. I've never climbed a tree before, and it was climbing up a maze. It was so much fun and when I reached the top, I had an amazing view of the forest around camp. 

darkmisstress darkmisstress

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 -From 1001 Things to do if You Dare

My gramma had a crabapple tree in her backyard, and to get to the reddest, yummiest apples, you had to climb as far up as you could and reach.  I would do it every summer...who needs ladders!

TheKitty TheKitty

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When I was a child, I used to be so scared to climb a tree. Today, I finally climbed a tree (old cherry tree in our garden) and I'm so proud of myself. It was fun! I enjoyed sitting in the tree crown and just watching the surroundings:) I felt free and powerful.

Waitingformygorgeousnightmare Waitingformygorgeousnightmare

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On 04/20/12, when everyone else was smoking weed, I was at a playground with a bunch of my best guy friends. My ex climbed a tree and went to the highest limb he could reach. I, being completely and totally enamoured with him, climbed to the limb one branch below him. Soon, every one of my friends was in the tree. We just sat, and me and my ex talked about a lot of things. Eventually, we all decided it was time to get down. I was the last one in the tree, and I was afraid to jump. My ex had to climb back up, shirtless, and help me down. (To be honest, at this point, I started exaggerating the whole 'Damsel In Distress' thing, so I could cling to him.) To this day, the guys make fun of my whole getting-stuck-in-the-tree incident.

sabzluvsjb sabzluvsjb

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I did this but the tree wasnt that high ..

Brooky30 Brooky30

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I climbed a tree for the first time with some college friends! In a graveyard, in the dark, when no one was around but us! Just kidding, there were other people around in the graveyard, who were actually alive and it was great! 

thx1138 thx1138

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did this as a child, multiple time. No trees were safe from climbing :)

juliaakar juliaakar

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harpreet harpreet

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With Sian<3 

Gonzo Gonzo

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 On the Iztuzu beach also known as "the turtle beach"

aleeexers aleeexers

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It was in my backyward, and I planned on hanging out there everyday, but now ants take over it.

ovosebacon ovosebacon

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 Doing as a kid counts right?

emilyfrickingthong emilyfrickingthong

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its ok


Romineko Romineko

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 Done that when I was 3, according to witness I was good at going up but...XD

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