Climb a tree

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SuperRambo SuperRambo

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 as a kid

Gonzo Gonzo

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 On the Iztuzu beach also known as "the turtle beach"


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when i was a kid i did,soo...

ines ines

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Giggles73 Giggles73

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Climbed an amazing oak tree on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth!!  Amazing views.


ovosebacon ovosebacon

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 Doing as a kid counts right?

MelissaS120710 MelissaS120710

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Mexico and New Jersey! Definitely a precious childhood memory <3

Paladins13 Paladins13

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I just climbed one yesterday and got a two inch scar from it! I loved that I did it.. ALL BY MYSELF!

wordzy wordzy

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Arroyo Seco, NM. An apple tree is a wondrous place to think and explore and be. Food built in.

dinogirl52 dinogirl52

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See, this wouldn't be on here if I werent completely afraid of climbing trees..lolol........

Waitingformygorgeousnightmare Waitingformygorgeousnightmare

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On 04/20/12, when everyone else was smoking weed, I was at a playground with a bunch of my best guy friends. My ex climbed a tree and went to the highest limb he could reach. I, being completely and totally enamoured with him, climbed to the limb one branch below him. Soon, every one of my friends was in the tree. We just sat, and me and my ex talked about a lot of things. Eventually, we all decided it was time to get down. I was the last one in the tree, and I was afraid to jump. My ex had to climb back up, shirtless, and help me down. (To be honest, at this point, I started exaggerating the whole 'Damsel In Distress' thing, so I could cling to him.) To this day, the guys make fun of my whole getting-stuck-in-the-tree incident.

sabzluvsjb sabzluvsjb

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I did this but the tree wasnt that high ..

Brooky30 Brooky30

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I climbed a tree for the first time with some college friends! In a graveyard, in the dark, when no one was around but us! Just kidding, there were other people around in the graveyard, who were actually alive and it was great! 

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