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bwojcik13 bwojcik13

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 Very very challenging. Everyone did not make it up, but I am beyond glad I did it!!

chelsea.bunch chelsea.bunch

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It counts, even if I didn't quite make it to the top...


Youbetcha Youbetcha

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Climbed Mount Vesuvius in April 2008 aged 13.

chemical_elli chemical_elli

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Its very exhausting because you take one step forward and slide down two again -.- but it was worth it. The view in the crater and above the whole island was beautiful... At the top we had to wear gas masks because of the sulfide gas.

stephanieyuhas stephanieyuhas

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I couldn't see them (Izcazu and Poas)! Too cloudy! But we all had a great laugh so still 5-stars! :)


Nick Spooky Nick Spooky

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 I climbed an extinct volcano with an eleventh century Scottish castle cut into it

Daria.s Daria.s

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El Teide, Tenerife, Spain - 3718 meters

Zoenozzer Zoenozzer

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Villarica in the Chilean Lake District. Active volcano, above the clouds. [email protected]

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Just like walking in a huge ashtray...

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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My family and I climbed the last three hundred meters to the summit of the caldera of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy, on

DrawnMentality DrawnMentality

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I got to climb Mount Fuji! The top was so beautiful, the white snow in the center of the crater with the rich colours ringing around to the top. We slept at the station before the top so we could hike up to see the sunrise from the peak. :)

They had cans of sake boiling at the top, as well as some in snow blocks, and they never looked so delicious before. haha But I got a bad sunburn, the only one I got in Japan, and we took the wrong way down the volcano and after skidding through miles of ash ended up like 20 miles away from the place we were supposed to be. lol Next time I'll be better prepared (and there will be a next time).

bookie bookie

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I did this with my husband on our 3rd wedding anniversary. We went up Mount Teide in Tenerife and watched the sunset. Such a magical experience that I will never forget.

delude_007 delude_007

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Did this when I was eighteen. It was Patricutin in Michoacan, Mexico. It was a small volcano but it was an amazing experience. It was raining so hard, but oh so worth it.  

JTestman JTestman

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I didn’t put the pieces together but I did in fact climb a volcano last year that I forgot about.  It’s been busy for me lately.  ;-(  I was visiting Oʻahu last year for work and hiked Diamond Head. 

I had meant for this goal to be a bit more challenging but there it is.  I hiked from the parking lot of the Kapi'olani Community College after eating food from the farmers market.  Nice easy walk up; the paths are all paved and lots of stairs.  Next time I want rough terrain.   Great views once you’re at the top. - worth doing.     

princhipezza princhipezza

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Tajamulco- highest peak in Central America


reeses_32 reeses_32

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In Hawaii

Outlier Outlier

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Climbed to the summit of Mount Vesuvius, Italy.

sarahtriceratop sarahtriceratop

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Diamond Head in Hawaii.

Lbopzicle Lbopzicle

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Mount Vazuvious ? climbed to the first crator and asnt that impressed so sat down and sang to tourists with laura!!

meganpastore meganpastore

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Got to do this in Ecuador :)

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