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03 June. 2007 


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So as part of my bucket list myself and my husband want to raise money for charity every single year until the end of our lives. We chose to dedicate 2015 to raising funds for The SSPCA as animal welfare is very close to our hearts. 

It all started when we Crowdfunded our second album and our amazing supporters made that dream come true, as part of our Pledgemusic we donated a percentage to The SSPCA which got us hungry to do more so then our Ben Nevis goal was set. 

We set out to raise £300 for the charity through Justgiving as that is how much we donated through our pledge and we manged to raise £585 which brings our total for The SSPCA this year £885. 

Our Trek was an eventful one to say the least which saw us smash our target, reaching the summit and my husband breaking his finger!

We have a video attached here if you would like to see it all documented. 

Thank you.

Claire/Paul xx

chrisjg1974 chrisjg1974

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First planned charity climb for Marie Curie!

rachyrach83 rachyrach83

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 This was pretty challenging. It's best to go during Summer, although you will need to take a jacket (and a balaclava helps as well as gloves) It gets pretty cold at the top - there is snow that you will need to walk through. It also helps if you are fit and don't have bad knees (the descent puts a lot of pressure on your joints) It was difficult walking down because my legs were wobbly as.

DavidAllan DavidAllan

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This was a birthday present from my son, climb Ben Nevis! Completed on 30 June 2014. Extremely hard as I am not the fittest person in the world but very rewarding to reach the top, but then you have to go down - not as easy as it might seem when your legs are like jelly!

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Such a cold wet day, but we made it.


RhonaF RhonaF

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Amazing experience. Booked on a group with guide. So worth doing the views were amazing! 


MicVicMoo MicVicMoo

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I climbed this mountain when I was seven years old. When I got to the top, some Scottish guy called me a 'wee hero'!

dgsimpson dgsimpson

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Via the north east ridge. Ten hours hiking was well worth it.


katarina_schamlu katarina_schamlu

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Back in July 2011, I climbed Ben Nevis with my pals Sarah, Jaqui and Gillian. I remember it taking a lot longer than expected as a member of the group struggled with it. I ended up losing my temper and storming off on my own to the top cos' she said it was dangerous to attempt the summit as there were black clouds hahaha. 

verweij.nathalie verweij.nathalie

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Doing it this summer!! I'm so excited!!


donal.seosamh donal.seosamh

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 It was really hard work. I think I'm the sort of person who complains and feels horrible along the way, but once you've reached the top and have finished it, you feel so much better. You go into the best mood ever.

gadgetkiwi gadgetkiwi

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Rachel and I climbed Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the British Isles in 1998. It was surprisingly easy. The view at the top was....fog. The summit was cold and we went into a small shelter with some English boys that were so poorly prepared for being up on a mountain it was amusing. We ran a lot of the way down to the hostel at the base. 


Philcontinental Philcontinental

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And sleep overnight at the top


shannon_h123 shannon_h123

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When I was 13, I went up Ben Nevis with my 63 year old grandad.

Olivia_97 Olivia_97

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Although the walk to the top was difficult, it was a great experience. 


benjiboy93 benjiboy93

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 i done that in 2010 when i went on holiday it was a big massive hill to climb and the view from the top was amazing.

StewartA0 StewartA0

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charles.edwards.bucketlist charles.edwards.bucketlist

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 Did the 3 peaks in 24 hours.

gwynn.brewee gwynn.brewee

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Overlevingstocht scouts, 07/'08


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