Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

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smartiesandvodka smartiesandvodka

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The most rewarding thing I have EVER done.


llouisekarlsson llouisekarlsson

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The hardest thing I ever done, never thought I would make it, but a crazy experience and really rewarding afterwards! Learnt how far a strong will can take you!


Karuna Karuna

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WHY? To understand that I can accomplish massive goals with committed little steps, yet I am also just one tiny part of a huge and beautifully-interdependent universe. Also to raise funds for Earthchild, helping others conquer their own mountains. With: Tat

My experience: It was beautiful, but so painful that I thought I might die. I got altitude sickness, and then also reacted to the altitude sickness medication! I achieved my goal of standing at the highest point in Africa but am a little sad that, after all the years of dreaming, I didn't actually enjoy the journey. Part of me wants to do it again "properly". But I remember that in the past, my experiences have been what I needed at the time, even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted. And then I feel grateful for a precious experience that is uniquely mine. 

lindzrseeger lindzrseeger

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aheitz aheitz

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tco tco

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2011 / August / 6th


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