Climb the Eiffel Tower

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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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An amazing manmade wonder of the world. Great view!

julie_333 julie_333

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Well definitely one of those things you do one time and maybe never again :)

We waited about 2 hours in line and then spent about 30 minutes at the top of the tower. Expect a lot of waiting in line getting up and down the tower. The view was definitely amazing and I'm glad to have check this off my list.


lizabeth.huang lizabeth.huang

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Classic tourist trip in Paris - lucky to get great views.

(December, 2014)



karin.sandberg.82 karin.sandberg.82

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Walk up the stairs and captured the sunset on my way down.

UnicornSaver UnicornSaver

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It was so much more amazing than I could've ever imagined!

bibi.schut bibi.schut

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With my dad. Went to Paris when I just started high school


ilyredw ilyredw

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Mac_79 Mac_79

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 Incredibly beautiful and cold up there. DO NOT climb the Eiffel Tower if you're single. It's so romantic it can break your lonely single heart. 

_ceciremy_ _ceciremy_

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This was part of the 10 day tour I did in 2010 with my Grandma. We went to England and France. The Eiffel Tower was closed at the top, so we couldn't go all the way up but we still got an amazing view of the city! That night, we went on a river cruise and saw the Eiffel Tower lit up; it was so beautiful!


Shaarr_x Shaarr_x

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I loved it! <3

superkattt superkattt

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I wouldn't exactly call it a climb, there are elevators that take you to the top and back. But it's way cool once you get to the top, especially at night. Seeing the city lit up below you is unforgetable. Take some pictures with strangers up there too, you may get a random kiss like I did.

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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brilliant views from the top.

kalyanbv1000 kalyanbv1000

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rumali rumali

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Definitely a mile stone. I did this with my mother. The view of Paris is amazing and to go up the tower was not much money in comparison to other things in Europe. Beware of scammers below yelling "does anyone speak English."

Noemia Noemia

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I have done this three times already but I love doing it again and again  

Gliza Gliza

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The moment when I get over of my fear of the heights


melmarfri melmarfri

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 Once I was up there I couldn't imagine myself saying goodbye to Paris.

jonadogg jonadogg

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Great view over all Paris. Very beautiful in the dark as well.

shannongould shannongould

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It took hours, and I mean hours of waiting in line to catch the elevator up (the stairs line was just as long plus I have a bad knee). We took the elevator the entire way up, all the way to the top.The line organization is absolutely terrible, I can't even begin to explain how terrible. When we finally got to the top, the view was breathtaking. Absolutely amazing. Everything I dreamed it would be. We went down the stairs to avoid the terrible, ridicuous line organization and got down SO much faster.

Both my boyfriend and I admitted that while it was an amazing sight and something to cross of the bucketlist- it was a one time thing. When we go back to Paris, which we are absolutely planning on doing, we will go see the tower but won't go back up it.

Do it once ABSOLUTELY. 

dalilugubre dalilugubre

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I cant even describe the feeling of been there 

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