Climb the Eiffel Tower

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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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An amazing manmade wonder of the world. Great view!

rebeca.motta.18 rebeca.motta.18

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 In may 2013

cheryla1448 cheryla1448

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It was crazy up there very beautiful . My group and I went when I was dark and it was truly amazing up there I saw the arch de triumph, the city of Paris and the soccer pitch 


AnkeSmeets AnkeSmeets

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You have such a nice view over Paris

cltabor cltabor

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 Was one of the scariest experiences of my life as I am terrified of heights! Managed to breathe through it and force myself to the top and it was absolutely worth it!

Youbetcha Youbetcha

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In paris

Linda-Star Linda-Star

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 It was tiring to climb all the stairs but was worth it at the end. Not to be recommended if you a very scared of heights 

allen_charlotte allen_charlotte

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Stayed up there for aboutique 5 hours to wait for the sunset! Definitely worth the wait!!!!

MamaRaven MamaRaven

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We didn't go right the way to the top, but to the level beneath. What a view though!

mareferg mareferg

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It is amazing and everything you expect it to be.  Go all the way to the top!  But if you're afraid of heights then just go as high as you dare. 

ellsbells290 ellsbells290

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When I first laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I was disappointed. It was so foggy on this October morning that we could barely make out the first section of the tower. However, determined to see it in all its gory we came back to the Eiffel Tower that evening and I was not disappointed again! It was a beautiful sight to see the tower (all of it) lit up against the nights sky with a huge moon rising from the horizon. Climbing up the tower and seeing Paris glitter was incredibly romantic, despite the fact that my Tom was very poorly and barely remembers the whole thing! 

Paris becomes even more beautiful at night and the Eiffel Tower is the glittering gem in the crown.


SnowBelle SnowBelle

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it's so beautiful, when you're up there it's a beautiful view and there are some shops at the tower. I think everyone has to do it once in his life. I was 10 years old and at night ist just magnificent!


jfloresemail jfloresemail

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 It took me and Isha 3 attempts to make it to the top but we did it!  I remember being so emotionally up there, thinking about life and all the places I want to go, both in travels and in my life!

karin.sandberg.82 karin.sandberg.82

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Walk up the stairs and captured the sunset on my way down.

UnicornSaver UnicornSaver

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It was so much more amazing than I could've ever imagined!

reenac08 reenac08

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On the top of the world moment surrounded by love and curiosity!!


ilyredw ilyredw

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Lindsaydwallace Lindsaydwallace

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I will start off by saying the tower was smaller than i expected. However, view from the top of the tower was spectacular, you can see the entire city. We were on the tower for sunset and when it was dark and the twinkling lights came on which made it even better.

 Corie-lea and I waited in the line for a few hours to go up the tower. As we waited there was armed guards all around the tower due to recent terror attacks in Paris, this made the experience even more terrifying than it already was due to the height factor. Also me being scared of lifts was not the best thing considering how old and creaky these lifts are on there own never mind when they cram as many people as possible in them. I was just waiting for them Cables to snap. Fair to say i took the stairs down (which were not much better at all).

This is something that i feel like now i have done it i do not need to do again in a hurry even though it was beautiful. 

anhallas anhallas

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It was very windy up there. But you get champagne, which helps.


Jbormio Jbormio

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 I like to look at things from different points of view.

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