Climb the Eiffel Tower

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julieescuyos julieescuyos

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Well definitely one of those things you do one time and maybe never again :)

We waited about 2 hours in line and then spent about 30 minutes at the top of the tower. Expect a lot of waiting in line getting up and down the tower. The view was definitely amazing and I'm glad to have check this off my list.


wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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An amazing manmade wonder of the world. Great view!

rebeca.motta.18 rebeca.motta.18

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 In may 2013

superkattt superkattt

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I wouldn't exactly call it a climb, there are elevators that take you to the top and back. But it's way cool once you get to the top, especially at night. Seeing the city lit up below you is unforgetable. Take some pictures with strangers up there too, you may get a random kiss like I did.

Queen2and5 Queen2and5

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1. buy tickets online this will help you skip the wait

2. take the stairs you can skip the line

3. there is shopping and many restaurants in the effiel tower

4. if you are eating at the effiel tower make sure to make a reservation  

melmarfri melmarfri

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 Once I was up there I couldn't imagine myself saying goodbye to Paris.

cltabor cltabor

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 Was one of the scariest experiences of my life as I am terrified of heights! Managed to breathe through it and force myself to the top and it was absolutely worth it!

Linda-Star Linda-Star

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 It was tiring to climb all the stairs but was worth it at the end. Not to be recommended if you a very scared of heights 

allen_charlotte allen_charlotte

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Stayed up there for aboutique 5 hours to wait for the sunset! Definitely worth the wait!!!!

MamaRaven MamaRaven

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We didn't go right the way to the top, but to the level beneath. What a view though!

mareferg mareferg

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It is amazing and everything you expect it to be.  Go all the way to the top!  But if you're afraid of heights then just go as high as you dare. 


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We did this even before we knew what bucket lists were: in the northern summer of 1984 (the year that babies went to war, at least according to my kids).


Noemia Noemia

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I have done this three times already but I love doing it again and again  

SnowBelle SnowBelle

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it's so beautiful, when you're up there it's a beautiful view and there are some shops at the tower. I think everyone has to do it once in his life. I was 10 years old and at night ist just magnificent!


AnkeSmeets AnkeSmeets

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You have such a nice view over Paris

jfloresemail jfloresemail

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 It took me and Isha 3 attempts to make it to the top but we did it!  I remember being so emotionally up there, thinking about life and all the places I want to go, both in travels and in my life!

karin.sandberg.82 karin.sandberg.82

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Walk up the stairs and captured the sunset on my way down.

UnicornSaver UnicornSaver

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It was so much more amazing than I could've ever imagined!

ilyredw ilyredw

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dreamatnight dreamatnight

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I did it years ago 

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