Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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KJHarper KJHarper

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What a fantastic experience with an amazing view! Definetly a must dowhen in Sydney! 

Pickles Pickles

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For my Birthday my girlfriend organised a bridge climb. I have walked , driven, ridden , cycled  and flown over the bridge, Ive boated under the bridge, but have never climbed the bridge. It was a great experience to see the bridge and the city from completely difference view points. A must for tourists when coming to Sydney


caro_alva caro_alva

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I ended up completing this goal when I was quite young. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my brother and my mother in 2005 when we went to Sydney to watch the World Cup Qualifiers between Uruguay and Australia. I was 11 years old. 

jikomoku jikomoku

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How could I have forgotten to add this goal before?  Have considered it when visiting Sydney in the past, but either not enough money, not enough time or not great weather.  Maybe next visit! :)


Done!  Went to Sydney in late January/early Feb, and finally climbed the bridge!  Weather was brilliant, even though it was raining like an hour before!  Got an awesome discount, too, because of my job.  Great experience all around! 

RosieButler RosieButler

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I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night - it was breathtaking. Loved every second, even if I was incredibly scared! 


jannyandtay jannyandtay

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Done in 2013 in the late afternoon with

I felt save the whole time and was well prepared before by the team.

Awesome view to the opera house and Sydney!!!


lilyflowers lilyflowers

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Amazing experience! Expensive but the view was magical


mariajohnsoninbox mariajohnsoninbox

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 Highly recommend! Great day and the views were surreal 

maurina88 maurina88

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July 2006


drknz drknz

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Climbed the bridge in Sydney in 2013!

Tigger2871 Tigger2871

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I did this with Jim in 2004


loveelise loveelise

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Climbed it when i was 13


jdlirons jdlirons

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 Amazing experience and was great to see the city at night

helley helley

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I've always wanted to do this when I heard they had bridge climbs available.  So I was absolutely gobmacked when all my friends put in together and gave me and my husband a trip to Sydney so I could climb the Bridge for my 50th!

My two best friends - Susie and Julie came - my husband didn't want to climb the bridge 'cause he hates heights.

They make you wear this horrible jumpsuit (grey is definitely not my colour!) and you get a big utility belt to wear (channelling Batman here) with a special harness that hooks you on to the Bridge so you can't fall.  You also get a walkie talkie and are in radio contact all the way.

They won't let you wear any necklaces or glasses (unless they're prescription and then they have to be tied on) in case you accidentally drop them onto some unsuspecting motorist below!  LOL!

You can't see it from a distance but there's steps all the way up on the side and you get to walk all the way up, across the top (where the flags are) and down the other side.

It was heaps of fun and we got a certificate afterwards to say we had climbed it. 

We then did what every fine upstanding Aussie would do after you finish an exhausting climb - we went to the Pub and had a beer!

I just love Australia!

TinaBerg TinaBerg

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I have no idea what the exact date was, but I climbed it with my aunty and uncle, and 2 cousins Mandy and Tracey. It was oer 40 degrees and we were sweating our butts off in the heat. My aunty was afraid of heights and wanted to climb the bridge to conquer her fears. We had a great time and I want to take my daughter when she is old enough.

Vickya Vickya

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So amazing that I've done it twice.  And I want to do it again!

Gabelle Gabelle

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Absolutly beautiful! I went on the last day climb and I ended up getting to see the sunset for no extra cost!

ashoksoft ashoksoft

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Superbly enchanting experience :) 

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