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chewa11 chewa11

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I love the Free Stuff section of Craigslist. Not only can you get furniture and clothes for free, you can get wedding invites! I suppose I didn't crash the party per se, but I did go to a wedding where I didn't know literally anybody. Not even the person who invited me. But it was great! The stories and the drinks flowed freely that night. Plus, I got a free dinner and danced the night away. Thanks Craigslist!

JudithDee JudithDee

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When my hubby andere I were on a Holiday in Sri Lanka, there was a wedding going on in the hotel where we were staying. We went inside during the ceremonie.

surelyme surelyme

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Russian orthodox!

PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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Crashed a wedding at Katie's campground

Lauryn Lauryn

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My cousin Sydney and I accidently crashed a wedding with our family after our boat ride. The bride looked very pretty and the ceremony was very nice- but we didn't get to stay for the vows. *sad face* 

jubel jubel

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montreal and guatemala

the1andonlygibbo the1andonlygibbo

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Derby National BMX with DLB, Alex, Aimee and Aaron Wanted a go on the bouncy castle, so I gate crashed the wedding to have a go!

cgbucket14 cgbucket14

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Cousin's 15, went into wedding next door and danced "single ladies" and I am on a stranger's wedding video.


Erhode Erhode

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Leigha, Angela, Glenn and Josh.  Escorted out by hotel security after dancing to Cotton-eyed Joe with the groom! 


stephanieyuhas stephanieyuhas

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Sometimes a goodie-two-shoes needs to misbehave.

We crashed the last 30 minutes of a wedding to sober-up from the wedding we were *actually invited to*, dance and take a random, confusing picture in their photo booth. I hope the bride and groom find the picture and think it's funny. We'll never know!


katarina1269 katarina1269

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I was attending a wedding myself that day.My sister and I got pretty drunk that night so we decided to go next door and just jam out. It was such a fun experience!

Rapturefamily Rapturefamily

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Did it sepreately.

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