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TianaM TianaM

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Ok, so my giant, lovely family is FULL of traditions--like we have Sunday dinner's every week and STILL make excuses to hang out with eachother more.

Some of our big traditions:

  • New Years Eve Party
  • Easter egg hunt/ baskets/ dinner/ liquor hunt (for the adults)
  • Summer week-long Camping trip (10-15 campsites in a row!)
  • The Dott Trot (Thanksgiving morning family get-together walk/run. We get matching shirts for this one!
  • Christmas cookie tradeoff
  • Two Christmas Parties-- One opening gifts from my grandma; and the second is our secret santa and god-parents/ random cousin gifts. We also do a dollar store grabbag-- we typically find the coolest/ or stupidest thing we can find for a dollar-- wrap it in newpaper. This game gets interesting! Lastly, we do a game where a bunch of things (gift cards, lotto tickets, little toys for the kids, gum, ect.are wrapped up in a bunch of saran wrap and we use giant gloves to try to unwrap it. Meanwhile, the person in front of them has two die (dice?) trying to roll doubles so it can be their turn. This game also gets pretty interesting.
  • Gingerbread house making party comes every Black Friday
  • Apple Picking 
  • Book club that meet's every week throughout the year
  • Yoga Class once a week -- run by an actual Yoga instructor.
  • My PERSONAL tradition for myself and my daughter is creating Seasonal Bucketlists in which we both come up with all the fun things we want to do for each season — of course they are contributing to our long-term goals as well! We’ve been doing these since 2014! My daughter and I have sooo much fun making them and even more fun crossing the items off ! 
  • Between my siblings - my name is Tiana Lynn Autumn, my sisters are  Kristen Spring and Alyssa Summer . We now all have children so when autumn hits, I’ll buy my nephews small fall themed gifts , kristen will do it in spring and Alyssa will do it in summer :) 

ElinLouise ElinLouise

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My husband and I have for the last four years created a tradition that we didn't really think about until now. Every year in early summer, we will stay up one night and when the sun rises we will go outside, take our cats with us and watch the sunrise together and declare that summer has started. We will celebrate it and go to sleep with the sound of birds outside, and light coming in through the windows.  


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Mi familia esta compuesta por  25 personas, abuelos, hijos, nietos y nueras. Lo que iempre he querido es que cada cumpleaños nos reunamos en casa de los Abuelos y con un pastel (o si se puede con algo mas) festejarnos todos. Agregando las reuniones por fechas especiales: Domingo de Ramos, Día del Padre, Día de las Madres, Día de la Familia, 16 de Septiembre, Día de Muertos, Navidad, Año Nuevo, etc. Así como también a ver peliculas, etc., la tradición es ESTAR LO MAS QUE SE PUEDA, REUNIDOS COMO FAMILIA Y QUE LSO NIÑOS VAYAN CONOCIENDO Y VALORANDO LA IMPORTANCIA DE LA UNION FAMILIAR.

jennifer.h.miller.1422 jennifer.h.miller.1422

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Kids and I decided we would visit the Gaylord every Christmas season this year and we picked up the Christmas Caroling family tradition that we stopped doing a few years ago.  

sguthreau sguthreau

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The First Annual Guthreau Family Fish Fry!!! What a great time. A great family tradition. We have all been wanting to do something like this for years. My grandmother has been talking about it for years and now it has finally come to fruition. Thanks to the family for all there support and help and it was a blast. Can't wait for next year.


hanjones4132 hanjones4132

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elf on the shelf

jenkaupke jenkaupke

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Pie pan pass!

madishka220 madishka220

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family nerf gun war on christmas morning


Jespey Jespey

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My family celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve to allow us "kids" to spend Christmas Day with out partners families. Being hot here in Austrlia we started making Ice Cream Christmas Puddings. Using ingrediance like Fruit Mince, Chocolate ice Cream and mint crisp Chocolate bars.

My Granny started making these when I was about 8, but now that she is much older I have taken over the duty about 5 years ago. I made it my own by making it with a Vanilla (white) outer layer to mimic Marzipan and have created a Recipe that features all the things that my family sees as Quiticential. Last year when I was unable to make it due to time my sister In Law made the Pudding for me following my recipe. Although she did mkae the ice cream from scratch!

In my house hold, Xmas isnt Xmas with out an Ice Cream Pudding for Dessert ;)

luisa.androne luisa.androne

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me and my boyfriend are trying to live like Buddhists: healthier, more relaxed, romantic, loving and caring.

when we get bored we read a book or watch a legendary movie.

we don't go shopping! surprisingly we can live without that and the stress out there in the streets that take to shopping centers :P

PS: no photos of our private life :P

lulu lulu

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cheesecake on a family members bday

mamboprincess mamboprincess

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 We have started a Christmas family movie night!!

elkelorraine1 elkelorraine1

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t_hoelting t_hoelting

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Our new family tradition is this: Every year we go to the Augusta, Missouri Candlelight Walk, with anyone that wants to go. It's a great time where you have to slow down and communicate (no phones). You carol, chit chat, ride through the town in the horse carriage, sit around the bonfire, eat at any one of the restaurants, bake sale/dinners or wineries. We do this the first Friday of December every year and sometimes it's just the three of us and sometimes there's a whole mess of us.

calypso14 calypso14

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- Book Advent

suhani.aryal suhani.aryal

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wathing movies on new years eve

anysha.bharos anysha.bharos

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On January 2nd we released a helium balloon into the air with a card tied to it wishing whoever finds it a happy new year. We decided to do this every year from now.

Gino Gino

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Started tradition of throwing a Spanish Christmas Party and invting family and friends.

CoBr CoBr

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Dinner and Grey's anatomy. Sacred. 

taylur_symone taylur_symone

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Every Christmas eve my sister and I get in our pj's watch Christmas specials on TV while drinking hot chocolate until we fall asleep

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