Cross the intersection at Abbey Road

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elfen elfen

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I did this with my friend from Sweden when we were both in London.I always thought it was ages away, turned out it wasn't. :)

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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With so many turists and so many cars driving by, it was hard to get the pic, but we finally got it. Couldn't get the pose though...


Mariliacr Mariliacr

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 For a Beatles fan it's very worth it! 

It might be a little difficult to take the pic because the intersection it's always crowded with beatles fan but with some effort you might make it!

okaly okaly

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 It was a dream come true, but the drivers were really rude and kept sounding their horns whenever someone crossed, and there were loads of people gathered round the crossing so I was a bit nervous walking in front of them all! I think the picture turned out pretty cool though.

TheCoffeeKris TheCoffeeKris

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It was almost as fun watching people try to re-inact the cover of Abbey Road as it was to see this place in the flesh. 


lalachlo lalachlo

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Missing two Beatles..  

mariehigh520 mariehigh520

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2011 family trip to london!


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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We almost managed to recreate it. It was pretty fun, and the studio down the road was amazing as well.

despertarpraviv despertarpraviv

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Amazing to be standing here... WOW!!!


nplautz nplautz

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I took a comparison picture at the intersection! I'm very proud of it, but I did have to work quick to get the photo to line up nicely with the road. I feel sorry for anyone who lives near Abbey Road! Tourists there are constantly taking group photos. Overall, it was so fun to be there with my friends. 


moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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My friend and I had to dodge a lot of cars so we didn't quite get an epic photo...but it was cool being there and feeling the presence of the Beatles none-the-less.


hlopi0301 hlopi0301

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  The ACTUAL picture of crossing Abbey Road is in safe keeping. This pic is right next to it. It's SUCH a busy intersection! And there is no one but Americans trying to take pics crossing the road. When you do this, be prepared to stop traffic and listen to honking from the cars! Be sure to check out the Beatles shop that is near the subway enterance/exit!  It is pretty cool.

tashaj2k7 tashaj2k7

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Went to Abbey road studios with uni to record some songs. Was one of the best experiences ever :D But to anyone crossing the intersection, cars won't wait for you, so be careful.   

paisleyloves paisleyloves

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After strolling around London all day we finally made our way to Abbey Road to fulfill my dad's long life dream and my more recent dream to cross Abbey Road and follow the footsteps of or musical heroes.  

warriorcatfan7 warriorcatfan7

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wasn't as cool as I expected and a lot of drivers aren't that happy as they travel down this road with all the tourists taking pictures and walking in front of them, but it was still pretty cool 

michael.norback michael.norback

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Di ti in 1996 visitng my father in London


Danaïs Learned Danaïs Learned

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Beaucoup de passage dans cette rue, impossible de prendre une photo.

Mais traverser ce passage le plus populaire des passages piétons, et aller jetez un oeil du côté des studios Abbey Road, c'est plutôt cool !


nicole.cinacio nicole.cinacio

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Done on 2013!!


chiodoo chiodoo

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norsk_heks norsk_heks

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June 2007. 

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