Dance with My Dad at My Wedding

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fieldska fieldska

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My Dad passed away in October 2013, almost exactly 2 years after we shared a dance on my wedding day. It is one of my fondest memories of him and one that I will surely never forget.  

emily.petersonwood emily.petersonwood

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Crazy By: Pasty Cline

This moment was a huge flashback of my life with my dad. Took me to one of my most favorite places in the world, Ft. Hegars. Love you dad.


ciarra.marzioni ciarra.marzioni

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 Made my wedding that much more amazing...

Anerol82 Anerol82

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 All our family helped us to get marry. Everything was planned a month ahead because we needed to move to another country and we wanted everyone to witnesses our love and commintment to each other.

Nush Nush

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Love my dad! ❤️ 


ilyredw ilyredw

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Nothing better in the world


sneillings sneillings

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 Danced with my dad at Kuthaba Lodge on 29th March 2017. We danced to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland and was humourously interuptted by "Let's Twist Again".

Was nothing short of perfect!!!

bella.clarinet bella.clarinet

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Sistersforever Sistersforever

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to cute i hope i'll be here to see that :-D (Vibha)


JudithDee JudithDee

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Ik heb mijn prins op het witte paard gevonden, maar mijn papa blijft mijn held!


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 We danced to "Daddy" by Beyonce

broteman broteman

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Dance with my hero!


reka900509 reka900509

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IT was a wonderful moment for my wedding.

kaitlyn.morgan210 kaitlyn.morgan210

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 My relationship with my dad has been complicated throughout my life. While I've always loved him, my mother had put him in a bad light during my childhood and so I always felt conflicted. As an adult, I've grown a lot closer with him and being able to share this moment with him was a dream come true. 

stargazer1400000 stargazer1400000

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Danced to I loved her 1st. Perfect moment with a perfect dad. Xxx

Alunah Alunah

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Walked down the aisle to Songbird (Eva Cassidy version) originally by Fleetwood Mac . One of my dad's favourite bands. And danced to Don't Stop.

jmalafatti jmalafatti

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AlessandraCalypso AlessandraCalypso

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Surrounded by those who love and support me, Dad finally giving his only daughter away, as the Hawai'an waves crash in the distance carressing the shore only feet from where Dad dances with me in the wedding of my dreams before Mr. Caple cuts in and finishes the story.

Exactly how it went.

lnnoble lnnoble

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I will always be my Daddy's little girl :) 

Tipple-Smith1990 Tipple-Smith1990

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21st July 2013


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