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aazzirraa aazzirraa

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I followed a 30-day yoga challenge last month. It was great despite the little challenges I face every now and then. 

I am not a flexible person. Thus, some moves was a little hard for me at first. However, after completing a couple days of yoga, I felt better and the stretches were great. It makes me feel better as a whole. 

Yoga really helps reduce stress after a tough 6-months long of internship. 

I highly reccommend everyone to try out yoga!


sbardevig sbardevig

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I had my two first yoga experiences in the most beautiful environments in Costa Rica (age: 20). First time in a yoga studio in the jungle and the second time at the beach in the morning by the Caribbean Coast.

It was so amazing and what a feeling afterwards. 

Ntruman91 Ntruman91

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 My 25th birthday started with my first attempt at Yoga on the sunset deck of Navutu Stars Resort in Fiji. Beautiful experience.

TianaM TianaM

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I was taking classes with my mom for a while 😌


sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 It was quite relaxing and my friends mom paid for it so that was an upside! You should really do this.

catthekiwi catthekiwi

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 I want to be more flexible.  I want to be healthier in mind and body and soul.  


Tried yoga in Chile in December last year in the Balneario, Antofagasta. Need to get back into it :/


aloha.canada aloha.canada

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I hate it


musicMomo musicMomo

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Today was my first yoga class. I really enjoyed it and left feeling relaxed. I am planning on attending a class at least once a week

annejasmijnp annejasmijnp

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so peacefull

kwschlosser kwschlosser

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lauralea lauralea

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My dog likes yoga too. 

kwoehler kwoehler

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 Ich war mit Elena am Freitag in Köln zu einer Probestunde Yoga. Sehr entspannt.

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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 Went to a yoga class with my mum a couple of times was really relaxing.

itzel.2000.birf itzel.2000.birf

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YOGA transforms yourself is an amazing activity and one way to be happy whit the life and relax yourself.

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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Today was my first ever day of doing a Yoga Class. I have done yoga poses before in warm ups and cool down before and after body combat. This was the first time experiencing a full stretching and relaxation class. 


jenniferbrowne01 jenniferbrowne01

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ire_1998 ire_1998

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 When I was like 12 my Mothers friend star a group for yoga and I with my friends made that for 3 years

naomicozean naomicozean

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 I love yoga. I started in class on a military base in Texas. It's great for the body and the soul. The picture shown is me on the beach in Oregon.

Aurora101 Aurora101

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Best decision I made last year was beginning with yoga. It helps me to calm down and feel deeply stretched

lyndafree lyndafree

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Redrocks and Michael Franti


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