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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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I've bungee dived...eaten bugs as a delicacy...even performed stunts like lighting myself on fire briefly as a human torch, but for some reason this is one of my worst fears, and I really don't have a good explanation as for why. But, I want to conquer this fear, at least once, since I believe it's for a much better cause than simply "crossing it off" my bucket list.

First time I donated was at Michigan State my senior year! I was pretty nervous, but it was really as relatively painless as I hoped it was going to be. Was only light-headed for a little bit too, which was one of my bigger fears since I've had issues with that in the past... All good!

Sara.Ruthnum Sara.Ruthnum

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It was my first time, so at first I was very scared to do it, but it ended up fine and not that scary at all. 

Also not my arm.... It's not that hairy


elfen elfen

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I donated blood for the first time when I lived in Israel

emily.salvador.3 emily.salvador.3

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I donated for the first time this morning! The man who drew my blood, Julian, was really excellent-- I hardly felt a thing when he poked me. I was expecting to become faint or at least dizzy, but it really wasn't a big deal at all. I'm a little tired now, but that probably has more to do with staying up until 2 AM last night talking to friends. I got there right when they opened, so I was the second person to donate. While we were waiting, I got to know the other girl there who was donating, whose name was Liliana. She was much more nervous than I was and actually ended up fainting. Personally, I wasn't really that afraid going into it, so think it was brave of her to do something that scared her so much.

I got my photograph taken for a blood donor card so next time, I can skip some of the paper work. It was such an honestly painless way to help people :)

jennlovesgod jennlovesgod

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save another life!


it was amazing! And completely random :)

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 I had been thinking this for a long time and now finally did it!

petraxo petraxo

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jeff.cho.90226 jeff.cho.90226

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Celebrate with beer, Get drunk fast with low blood pressure. 

I got way to drunk and puked 

CallMeLo CallMeLo

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J'ai donné mon sang le 1er septembre 2016 pour la première fois et tout s'est très bien passé !  

SmexiJalapeno SmexiJalapeno

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I was scared... I walked in that truck and they did blood samples if I was qualified. I was all healthy and set! I lay on a bed and was scared out of my mind. The doctor was pretty nice to me and comfort me with drinks and chips. I saw how freaking long the needle was and almost lost it. XD He gave me a ball and told me to squeeze it every second or so. As I squeezed the ball I saw a line of blood, my blood, flowing through a tube. Felt a little fatigued but he told me it was normal. After all that trouble we were all done! As to surprise, I saw a pint of blood right next to me. It was breathtaking because it was MY BLOOD. Told me that’s a lot of blood! As for my reward and generosity, I had free tickets to the movie from fandango! And my warm heart feeling, knowing that I saved someone’s life.

flamingrosedrakon flamingrosedrakon

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  I learned my blood type in 5th grade and that was when I was told my blood was important. Since then I have willingly been a blood donor whenever I can although usually I find my timing and theirs doesn't match up well.

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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December 2012


MyAdventuresomeSoul MyAdventuresomeSoul

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 I've donated blood many times & have also arranged for group blood donations at the companies for which I've worked. (Approx. date of my 1st blood donation.)

Missyiqi Missyiqi

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25 July 2013 - done! It felt good! :)

sarthak.sengar sarthak.sengar

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 I donated blood to rotary club that came in my college... for the first time and I was 23. I am now thinking of donating to an individual rather than in a mass collection 

blagman blagman

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 did this when i livved in cambridge

Burgess8220 Burgess8220

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 I signed up to give blood at my local centre as I could stop off there on the way back from college. I wasn't too nervous about going in, actually I was quite looking forward to finding out my blood type! I waited in line for a bit in the smelly old community centre (you know the smell...), had to sign some papers and fill out a form.

When I finally got through I had to speak to a nurse as she went through my form. I had a bit of blood taken from my finger and placed in this weird fluid stuff to check how much iron I had in my blood. My droplet sank like a lead balloon. Good news! Plenty of iron to go around.

Then I waited a little more for a bed to become available. They were formed into a strange circle, with tables around the outside of the room and all the equipment in the middle. I laid down and decided that I wouldn't look as the needle went in. There was a male assistant there who watched me as the needle went into my vein, and they were both shocked at how I didn't even flinch! It hurt like a bitch of course, but it was ok. 

I had to squeeze my hand into a fist a few times to keep the blood flowing, but it was really cool watching it drain out of me and into a bag. The assistant let me hold the bag once it was full and I was really surprised at how darn heavy the thing was! Very interesting.

Afterwards I had to sit and eat a biscuit and drink some water for a while until I felt better. I didn't stay long, and stupidly decided to go rush around Asda doing my shopping! On the bus back I began to feel faint, my vision became ridiculously blurred, and I tested myself by trying to read posters on the bus and road signs that I knew I could normally see. It was a weird sense of being there but not quite being there. Similar to being drunk and sobering a little bit.

I relaxed up at home and got all better. Later on my mum got a call on the house phone and they wanted to speak to me but I wasn't in. She got scared because she thought something was wrong but they weren't allowed to tell her so I had to phone back later. They only wanted to check how I was after my first donation! I also found out that my blood group is O+. I was a bit disappointed because part of me wanted a super rare blood group to prove to the world how goddamn special I am, but another part wanted to be a universal donor: O-. Oh well!

The second time I gave blood I made the stupid mistake of looking as the needle went in. Hypodermic needles have that diagonal edge that makes the hole look a LOT bigger than what it actually is, too. This time it was very painful, and either I flinched badly, or the nurse messed up as I now have a puncture scar :).

Around January of 2015 I decided to take the plunge and finally donate again, however I couldn't due to the fact that I had recently had my ears pierced. Bummer. That was rather embarrassing, being told I had been REJECTED due to HEPATITIS INFECTION RISK (I'm not exaggerating, they printed that all over my form and weren't exactly discreet about it in front of other donators. 

Currently (January 2016) I can't donate due to having been outside of the country within the last 6 months. The next time I'll be able to donate now will be November 2016, that is, if I haven't booked another holiday, got another piercing, or a tattoo... 

Overall, a very worthwhile experience that I endeavour to continue doing as much as I can.

Watch this space!

drngoctopus drngoctopus

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saved two lives, donated a pint!

Lexy Wrightson Lexy Wrightson

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 Ill do this one day when I'm the right weight and stop getting tattooed and pierced long enough lol.


well I done it today... One pint taken out in good time as they said... Then I fainted... Went for my cuppa and biscuit and fainted again!! Told I should wait for a few years before returning haha. I will do it again though :)

staff were amazing with me... Full of banter before and after the fainting(S) haha

agmrs1723 agmrs1723

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I went to donate blood and passed out as soon as I saw the bags of blood everywhere lol. I had no idea this would happen....Needless to say I tried but did not get to complete :( 


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