Draw funny faces on all the eggs in my fridge

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Pickles Pickles

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Just because my 4 year old will love it 

My daughter thought it was hilarious. Mother asked what kind of chickens lay eggs like that?

shacker shacker

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My son did this at his grandparent's house - had great fun, and the grandparents' reaction was priceless.



AncientWolf AncientWolf

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i saw this one on someone's bucket list so i just added it and did it. you would have to be an egg head to not want to do this.


bibou bibou

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dianabananarama dianabananarama

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That's something strange to do in the morning. But it was fun 😉

bluenwild bluenwild

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Haha. Now I have to smile every time I'm getting an egg from the fridge. Such a bummer that they will be gone all together quite soon. Well, the good thing about this cool: you can repeat it any time! 

ElinaK ElinaK

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looking forward to crack all those eggs


MadelineLM MadelineLM

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It was fun, but the marker I used kept rubbing off.



GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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Thought it would be funnier to set it up like this

eikelorents eikelorents

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She commented on it a week later, haha, asked what was that about :)

d_almighty_juice d_almighty_juice

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This was seriously so much fun! I'll probably do this again just for the laugh! :)


Teodora03 Teodora03

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Hehe ^.^ 

alexxblaah alexxblaah

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I did it last summer (July or August 2013). I suddenly got the idea one afternoon after I had got back home from the gym. Some of the drawings became a bit blurry because some eggs were wet, but on the whole I had a lot of fun. 

Greenpandix Greenpandix

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Well, one egg is more than nothing!! This made my day.....trying to smile every second and dont regreed about good things you did. -Buenos Dias....Best part of the day ¨My own crazy eggs with a perfect smile¨..Done and one less...

HMRaven HMRaven

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It was even mmore fun having my daughter join in on the prank (they were my moms eggs)!

chayanikasood chayanikasood

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Fun n crazy...it puts a smile on everyone's face as soon as they open the fridge...

Quick pointer though, wait for the eggs to dry when you get them out of the fridge. The dew drops because of temperature difference turn the ink smudgy and before you know it, the eggs are crying all over your hands! :P

Stonecobra Stonecobra

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I only had two to draw on, but it was fun all the same!


Angelica Angelica

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I drew the funny faces when my partner did not see. After lunch he was putting back the butter in the fridge and he saw what I had done.We had a good laugh about it. 

chentonello chentonello

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 This activity makes me feel artistic :D Hihihi

mauricebouw mauricebouw

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