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Josephfcbenson Josephfcbenson

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 It was not all Rainbows and brainbows and sunshine but I went on so many adventures that I would never have gone on if I never got my motorcycle into 2002  it had opened many doors and new experiences both good and bad and brought people into my life that I might not have otherwise ever have met

cindyjoviand cindyjoviand

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 Si ganteng yang selalu menemani saya kemana-mana.

trixieluvr101 trixieluvr101

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Dustin - Chris's bike

Melodz Melodz

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When I was in elementary and high school,  our ride to and from school wold let me drive his motorcycle. I was fearless. But as I got older, I found them a tad risky.  So when one of my dates, Toots Chua, in later years took me on a bike ride, and went banking left to right,  i burst his eardrum with my shrill screams. Serves him right.  But now I'm glad I've been there and done that. Another feather on my "lam-o" hat. I'm too careful for my own good sometimes.  Not much of a risk taker.

JennyRoyce JennyRoyce

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Obtained my motorcycle license in May!


Maz1001 Maz1001

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Completed my CBT on 23/11/13

julie05 julie05

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Got my motorcycle license with a motorcycle safety program that was four days long!


Gideon Gideon

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I ride every day that I can, it's so liberating


bl0ndeeo2 bl0ndeeo2

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Decided in 2004 I had to have a Harley since I lived right by Sturgis. By November 2004 I owned a 2005 Harley Sportster 883XL in pearl yellow.

Loved every minute of having a motorcycle. I miss it so much now that I no longer live in SD.  

Vanessa18 Vanessa18

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love it!

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