Drive down Lombard Street, San Francisco

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Pickles Pickles

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I was so lucky to drive down Lombard St in a Porsche Carrera. Awesome car and a great experience


tracywight tracywight

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West to visit our friends in Danville for a 25 year anniversary.  I had already driven down it a few months before we went.  So Marci and I  walked down it while the spouses drove down it.  It was amazing! 

KaitySmith_ KaitySmith_

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 Very high anxiety doing this..

San Francisco 2012

taylormarie213 taylormarie213

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With my parents, my uncle, cousin, and my aunt! That was a slow and crooked ride!

rellehcim rellehcim

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Sep 2007 I was given the opportunity to travel to San Francisco as a reward for a "project well done" for the company I worked for.  While there, one of the main things on my to-do list was to drive Lombard Street.  There is a comic skit regarding being stuck on this street that my parents and I used to listen to while diving to vacation destinations as a kid.  The part where the comedian gets stuck at the peak and looks back while saying "Come around, idiot! Come around!" only to find the guy behind him also stuck and also screaming the same thing - it was a riot for me and my family and we would cry laughing at the story every time.  When poised at the top of the street, I could not help but to scream out the window "Come around, idiot! Come around!" to honor my amazing parents and our ability to laugh together as a family.

anishpillay2002 anishpillay2002

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Drove down Lambardt street . Was in a hurry though as I had my rented car and San Francisco did not have convenient parking.



rockysanders rockysanders

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Did this for my wife on our first date. 

fungqueenie2002 fungqueenie2002

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With Sam's family


Abigailjcopeland Abigailjcopeland

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Driven down twice, walked down once.


longpt longpt

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 Lái xe trong con đường ngoằn nghèo nhất thết giới

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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 We drove down Lombard Street, there was a bit of traffic because it was such a popular tourist attraction. You can park somewhere and walk either up or down Lombard Street. The flowers are very beautiful and colourful!

Claudiag143 Claudiag143

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My husband and walked up Lombard Street. It was beautiful. I would not want to drive down it. It was too narrow.


bram.vandenboom69 bram.vandenboom69

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San Francisco; did not spend mucht time there. But we did drive down lombard street (by car, not in this trolley). Salmon at the harbour was incredibly delicious


adventureisoutthere16 adventureisoutthere16

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 Perfect weather. Happened in 2006.

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 Trying to find a picture

brittvilla brittvilla

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When I was younger, my mom drove my family down the infamous Lombard Street. It was pretty fun to drive down the steep, tight curves. At the time, I imagined it was a rollercoaster.   

erinkaitlyn96 erinkaitlyn96

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Stayed at the Lombard Motor Inn. Caught Jamie Kennedy at Cobb's Comedy club and drove down Lombard Street! It was freakin' scary. 

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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 first time drove down the street, second time walk down the street.

elisamalfoy elisamalfoy

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looking like an idiot, but still...


maisydaisy maisydaisy

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 *Have someone drive me down Lombard Street (since I can't drive)

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