Dye my hair blue

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SamanthaRose SamanthaRose

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Cedelede Cedelede

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I haven't dyed my hair since I was a teenager. Apparently my hair has changed since then because it refuses to hold color now! It took three times to bleach my hair light enough. And the blue is coming out super fast. Sadly. Which means I'm gonna have to dye it brown soon so I don't end up with a white/greenish mess. I LOVE my blue hair but I probably won't do it again just because it's too high maintenance for me. But for people whose hair does hold color? Rock it! I don't regret doing it at all. 

NotSoErsats NotSoErsats

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Just go to hairdresser and make that dream come true...


LilyPicciano LilyPicciano

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I don't have pictures of the final result BUT if I had, my hair was purple. I forgot that blue + red = purple. ><


Samanthamum Samanthamum

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February 25, 2007— Springfield, OH

I dyed my hair blue during my junior year of high school. I had wanted to do it forever and I was so excited and nervous to finally do it! I only kept the color for about a week... It was fun while it lasted. I just got tired of it so quickly!

(Entry date: ​July 28, 2014) 

vdrofenik vdrofenik

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Blue hair best hair. Well, except for purple hair, which came next :3 

dellarightius dellarightius

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 It was my favorite color :3

sammay37 sammay37

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molly came over and helped me bleach and dye my hair an awesome blue/green combo! I LOVE IT!

gzoologist gzoologist

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It was an interesting 4 months. The older people were way more nice about it than the younger people!!! 

Roses_are_red Roses_are_red

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 I have dyed my hair 12 times in my life and I love it. Sure, it can take work, but it's over all worth it.

lolitachica27 lolitachica27

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I am different than most people. however because of my mom being so strict, I cannot express myself how i wish to be able to. So right now, I look like any other teenage girl out there. I want people to see me and know that i am different than most. 


I finally managed to convince my mom to let me do it earlier than planned. I originally had to wait until i turned 18, but with the help of my step dad, i convinced her to say yes!

Lostforwords Lostforwords

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a cople months a go I went pink, but for a good 6-8 months I had blue hair. 

BonaNochay BonaNochay

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 This was the third color I tried.

deeterdeeterly deeterdeeterly

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 It turned out green and it didn't look good on me, because I'm a fat person.

JuneAustyn JuneAustyn

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I was bored so I dyed my hair blue and I like it. Definately not a permanant thing, but for fun it is cool.

blackveildreamer blackveildreamer

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My hair was blue in the summer of 2014 and I really loved it. I will do it again. :)


MindControl MindControl

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Making my hair blue was a great idea! I love it, it makes me feel cute and special. I often hear compliments about them.


FreyaSallehFreyaSalleh@outlook FreyaSallehFreyaSalleh@outlook

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I dyed my hair blue after the purple dye in my hair faded, it took a while for the blue to fade, had to dye over dark quite a few times. 

TravelingSchishkabob TravelingSchishkabob

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This year will be last year in college, so before I have to look professional, or before I am too old to not care how I look (in which case I don't think blue hair would look good on me), I will dye my hair blue. I don't want to dye my whole hair blue, but rather just have blue high lights. Hopefully it will turn out nice.




MerryKateEl MerryKateEl

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Not only blue...

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