Dye my hair red

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SophiaMy SophiaMy

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And the color faded within a month =_=


callei callei

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It's been three years I've been trying to achieve the perfect color red in my hair, after many snapped ends, moisture treatments and red stained shower tiles later I can finally say I have completed this goal! Although my hair now, being two years later is not red I can say with 100% certainty that red hair is my favorite color hair, it's a good balance between out-there-bright and natural. Rihanna's hair (pictured last) is what I was aiming for and as the first picture displays I think I reached a nice blood red color which is not OTT like the second and third last pictures are! I looked like Ronald McDonalds cousin! Tick :)


AnnyRed AnnyRed

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I really wanted to dye my hair red, but my mum wouldn't allow me . We went to see a friend of hers with amazing red hair and she said she had been dying it since high school, so I asked mum again and she admitted defeat. And done. :)

chrissydancer chrissydancer

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Completed August 2011

Camilacr Camilacr

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 SENIOR Year. 

akarnour akarnour

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As of yesterday, I officially have red hair! I bought the L'oreal, creme gloss semi-permanent hair dye in Berry Red because I dont want permanant red hair... and I dyed my hair and all is good  

Tinkerbell17 Tinkerbell17

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Loving the hair colour!! But it's not a forever thing x


aremmell aremmell

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loved this color 

mobprincess2714 mobprincess2714

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I loved having red hair!

divacowgirlkane divacowgirlkane

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I always loved this colour :)

ThreeLittleBlackbirds ThreeLittleBlackbirds

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Done! #1

I really liked my red hair but I had to dye my hair every month, too bad!

simone.heritage simone.heritage

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Didn't like it...


Nicostratos Nicostratos

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13.6.2015 - Weedle 'n Adam

angeline_anderson angeline_anderson

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i love messing around with hair color and style 


jamie2003 jamie2003

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 Cut and dyed 

cms333 cms333

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Liv and I dyed it for swim champs.

LisaB LisaB

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I have always wanted to dye my hair vibrant red, like Marcia Cross or Reba McIntyre. I was always too chicken for fear that A) it would look horrendous and B) that people would think it was awful.

Fear no more and why was I scared? Thanks for a website called hairmixer.com I was able to visualize me with that hair. And then I did it!

And.....most everyone has liked it!

writerchic_86 writerchic_86

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I did this before I started college and everyone thought it was my natural color. :) It must be the green eyes and fair skin. lol.

lady_blady lady_blady

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It's still not at the red that I want, but it's still red to me. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lady_blady/6890065169/in/photostream

ebb412 ebb412

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2012 --- Current ;0

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