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chloemoore93x chloemoore93x

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My hair used to be blonde! It was meant to be a light brown but turned a tad ginger. wooops.

Enza Enza

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Dyed my hair once, not sure if I'm going to do it again. Maybe, maybe not? XD

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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 Decided a few years ago, that I was not ready to let it all hang out!  Even though I am 56, I am all black....will let it go gray when I am ready!!!!!  Yes and I am learning the art of taking SELFIES!!!!

daenarys91 daenarys91

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 I had always wanted blue hair and managed to keep it for 5 years... before adult life intervened. Blue hair is 'me', but I had a lot of colours. 

Wendelldude Wendelldude

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 Failed attempt.

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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dyedd my hair many many many times :) plus black ... blue pink and purple streaks on the underneath and now red all over :) 

equestrianshe equestrianshe

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 Dyed my hair blue!

ana.wb1 ana.wb1

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Pastel pink, blue, green. Who knows. Oh well, how about all of them.

JustineBoss JustineBoss

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I went to my first pride parade and dyed my hair the bi flag colors.

chelsea.lister.5 chelsea.lister.5

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Died my hair PURPLE 

jkashton jkashton

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Well not exactly Dyed. But bleached the shit out of my hard until it was within an inch of falling out.

essyjoy essyjoy

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I got my hair highlighted purple, I loved it and it made me feel really happy!

TianaM TianaM

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 So I dyed it bright red  (so I thought) at 3 AM . You can only see it in the sun, so I'll have to take an after picture outside when its not so gloomy and rainy. I still really like it.. I feel pretty :-) haha



Note from Oct 2018-- I no longer box dye my hair. All of the hair stylists have told me I'm not allowed-- Updated picture that looks soooo much better !


Update: I went to the gym with my day old dyed hair. A girl came up to me in the gym and frantically told me I was bleeding. I look down at my chest and it was completely red, hahaha! I thought it was nice of her... good thing I really wasn't dying like she thought


Becka_Kinchin Becka_Kinchin

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As a treat for my 18th birthday, my mum paid for me to have my hair done. I picked a balayage as it's a summery style.

kkschloss kkschloss

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 My oldest daughter dyed my hair for me! It turned out **great** and now it is July and still is dark bright vibrant pink and awesome.

mangomarsh mangomarsh

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A friend dyed the tips of my hair, but it faded really super quick-I have to bleach first next time. Update: I had to bleach it three times first, but a couple months back I dyed the bottom of my hair bright pink! It has been varying shades of pink ever since. Not sure what color I'll pick next . . So I'm editing my orginal star rating because now I really like my dyed hair.



emopants emopants

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Best thing ever!

thatgingeone thatgingeone

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Looked really cool but the actual dying process took like 8 hours! It was interesting and fun to have pink hair for a bit but I don't think I will repeat the experience


RhianBuckley29 RhianBuckley29

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Dark Brown 



Dip Dyed 



PrincessAuroraGIRL PrincessAuroraGIRL

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 My mom dyed it with 'Color Ion' Pink, purple & Blue

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