Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium

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SteephiiD SteephiiD

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Had a little stopover in Brussels before heading to Antwerp for Tomorrowland. A perfect opportunity to eat some delicious Belgian waffles together with the American girl I met a few hours earlier. One of the guys working there also gave me his number which was pretty flattering.

HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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Living in Belgium has its privileges :P  A waffle is always a good idea especially with chocolate sauce ^_^ 

Storyas Storyas

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Had fresh belgian waffles at the big market square

TopFrog TopFrog

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 Breakfast after diving nemo33 

SilverLining SilverLining

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It was better than I expected. 

karen_ok karen_ok

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The greatest waffles in the world. 

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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 after 2 months of no suggar diet. I ate gorgeous waffles.

whitney.roe whitney.roe

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eat e belgium waffle in Belgium.. it just makes sense!

Tia Huntzberger Tia Huntzberger

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They are SO FLUFFY! Hot cherries on top <3

Oxytoxy Oxytoxy

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 Go for the real Belgian Waffle that you will find chez Dandoy , rue au Beurre 31 in Brussels.

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TheCoffeeKris TheCoffeeKris

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Visited Brussels during Ascension Day with my friend and her parents. Such a great day!


joshuaandreoconnor joshuaandreoconnor

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Going on a school trip to Belgium in 2013 and having many many Belgian waffles in the week that I was there was a great experience. Not only did they taste amazing but being able to eat them with my friends on the cobblestone streets of suburban Belgium was a real treat.


sarahloufisher sarahloufisher

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In 2015 myself and some friends sailed on a 3-night mini-cruise to Belgium where we visited Ghent and Bruges during the Christmas Market.  Whilst in Bruges we visited The Old Chocolate House which my friend Lucy found on Trip Advisor.  I had a delicious hot chocolate made by dropping pure Belgian Chcolate into a bucket-sized cup of hot sweetened milk.  I also had amazing waffles topped with whipped cream and butterscotch.  Absolutely amazing.  If you go to Bruges, visit The Old Chocolate House.

mcneal15 mcneal15

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Gbh914 Gbh914

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Eat Chocolate and Gauffre in Brussels and Bruges 

Tyraf Tyraf

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 Delicious but kinda expensive. Sugar dose from these is definitely not healthy :)

Wanderlust_k Wanderlust_k

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THE BEST!! i live in belgium and you must try these ;) 

laila_7 laila_7

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When traveling back to Canada from Egypt, Maged and I got a long transit in brussels. Rami joined us from Germany and we spent less than 24hr in downtown brussels. Did everything we wanted: the fries, the waffles and visited the Atomium and the downtown square.  It was perfect!


kemsley kemsley

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I was wandering around Ghent is Belgium with my French Exchange and I wanted to buy a pancake but as we were in Belgium I couldn't find any. I could only find Waffles. I had mine with lots of Nutella. It was YUMMY!!! 

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