Eat pasta in Italy

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Shared it with my husband

katara83 katara83

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Milan 2013

ally_1323 ally_1323

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 Milan 2015


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Mogosselin Mogosselin

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 The best pasta meal I ate in Italy was a lasagna in Roma. And I also tried the classic 'bolognese', pizza, penne, etc. 

carina.maria carina.maria

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 I absolutely love italian food. The journey to Rome was a present for my boyfriend.

As we went there we of course did enjoy the awesome food. If you never ate spaghetti in Italy you totally missed out on something!

catp79 catp79

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Beautiful fresh lobster linguine in Sorrento


eikelorents eikelorents

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I actually had different pastas during my stay, the one on the picture was prepared by my friend Chris, it was delicious :)


HisNibs221B HisNibs221B

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 I go to Italy every year to visit my best friend/sister and Italian family, and I enjoy every bit of pasta I can!!

Helen19 Helen19

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Vacation 2016, in Taormina, Sicily


marianna.flampouri marianna.flampouri

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 pasta di maree!!!! mouah!!!

Femke_pi Femke_pi

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blagman blagman

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 did this when i was in pisa

Teju_2920 Teju_2920

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A really unique experience to the other normal pasta we eat around the world. The finest ingredients are used in making the pasta and sauce. Truely delicious! 

sophie.baruwa sophie.baruwa

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Visited Italy in November 2017 with one of my friend. The picture was taken at a restaurant (can't remember the name) but you sure can't visit Italy and not eat pasta.

talyn77 talyn77

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 Italian food in Italy is much better than in America. It is more delicate. The herbs aren't really there to overpower the food, but more so to accentuate it.

theheatherbrown theheatherbrown

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Nom Nom Nom 

RainbowStar RainbowStar

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 This was a fantastic trip, I would love to see and eat more in Italy

PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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The best black pasta seafood ever!

nelle.thomas.7 nelle.thomas.7

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Honestly I wasn't sure if I would really have an experience that was far superior just because my mother is an amazing cook and we have made our own pasta before. Boy did I underestimate Italy. Not only is the pasta dramatically more delicious but I did not have a single bad (or even mediocre) bite of anything in my five weeks of Roman food. The best thing I have ever eaten to this point in my life was a truffle lasagna in Tuscany that I am struggling to re-create at home.  

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