Experience a white Christmas

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Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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Almost every year (:

sara.bassler sara.bassler

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I live in Ohio! Almost every Christmas is a White Christmas!!!

rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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Living in Yorkshire for 29 years it snowed several times at Christmas. This is Christmas 2014, it started snowing Boxing Day evening so we went for a walk in the snow. The mill is where we live and this was the next day. 

wildtom111 wildtom111

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 Spent my Christmas in an onsen ryokan in Aizu with my wife. It snowed the whole day!

mollymckay mollymckay

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Thank you wisconsin

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I had multiple, but the most memorable on has got to be the one in Svalbard with my niece. We experienced it in Longyearbyen, but for most of the day, we took a snowmobile far from civilization to see the Northern Lights, it's really amazing.


Meltemirocks Meltemirocks

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During Christmas season 2016 I visited the markets in Mannheim Heidelberg Karlsruhe Heilbronn Stuttgart Incredible experience!!

KaylaJohnson KaylaJohnson

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Basically every Christmas in South Dakota!

Nico19 Nico19

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I love the atmosphere, the markets and the coziness. You just don’t get that in Aus!


schipman schipman

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Living in Utah most of my life I've done this several times. We usually go cut a fresh tree the day after thanksgiving.

luisa.androne luisa.androne

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2013. white x-mas to 2m. red code. internet didn't work well so I am thankful for having a wonderful boyfriend :)

Photo: 23 Dec. 2010, see location,

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Perfect Christmas morning..!

evainga evainga

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I live in Iceland :) This year the snow just whent away recently, I didn't take a picture but I'm adding one from the 14th of December 2013 taken right outside my home.


fieldska fieldska

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I'm going to have to assume my first Christmas was probably my first Christmas in 1986...after all, I was raised in Michigan :) This past Christmas (2013) was probably the whitest Christmas I've ever experienced though. The photos were from Carson City, MI while at home for Christmas.

ashleigh.mey6@gmail.com ashleigh.mey6@gmail.com

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 White christmas while working at a ski resort in Virginia!

chrissycookie chrissycookie

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Had my first white christmas in Saas Fee, Switzerland 2013. It was amazing!

18MiddlS 18MiddlS

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Beautidul in New Zealand

Xlostkatex@msn.com Xlostkatex@msn.com

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Skiing in Bulgaria for Christmas, with my grandparents :)

tallennwest tallennwest

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2006 USA massachusetts

justplainbetsy justplainbetsy

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Experienced many white Christmas' as a kid. Love the snow!!! 

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