Experience zero gravity

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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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I´ve experienced it many, many times in different jump-planes. When the pilot feel like being funny he does it so you almost drift out of the plane. it´s hilarious! My best experience of it was in Australia. It lasted for a couple of seconds and I had this pen floating around in front of me the whole time. Unfortunately I didn´t record it or take any pics. I only have pictures from the outside when the pilot tips the plane almost vertically to the ground for the effect. It is great!


Hatch Hatch

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This is a totally doable goal!! Feeling Zero Gravity is awesome, I'm not sure if it counts but in a small plane you can do zero gravity turns and everything floats up in the air like you would imagine. But it only lasts a few seconds. BUT it is totally awesome and I would love to be able to feel zero g's for like a hour! 


eden.theron eden.theron

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Pilot friend took us for a spin on the plane... pulled some G-forces :)


ElinLouise ElinLouise

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Mostly i just felt sick

KellisBucket KellisBucket

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It was a lot of fun! So glad I went out of my comfort zone to do this!

Harry123 Harry123

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It's fun show ride at the Tonwsville show MUST DO AGAIN 2013 show

ipekkahraman95 ipekkahraman95

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Space Camp İzmir

sarahhares sarahhares

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Indoor skydiving 2011

lauren.roach21 lauren.roach21

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As I was learning to the 2-33 we got a slight feeling of zero gravity, allowing our bodies to lift out of our seats.

drewtaylor101 drewtaylor101

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Starship at rhe fair!!!!

sumeetkeswani sumeetkeswani

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 Flew twice for 60 seconds each at the Gravity Indoor Skydiving zone in Bahrain. Can't say it was zero gravity (read space) exactly, but it definitely felt like a gravity-less tunnel in there. 

segeme08 segeme08

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Maddy4Gibbz Maddy4Gibbz

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indoor skydiving in san fransisco bay area

brittanycude brittanycude

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Indoor skydiving!!


SalocinTEN SalocinTEN

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I cannot really remember the exact date experienced.

But mainly they are very short ones in theme park rides and airplane tubulences (air pockets).

To experience the prolonged zero gravity, perhaps doing my other bucket list item will kill two birds with one stone. LOL.

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