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elfen elfen

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When I was around 6 years old I went to the zoo. I got a huge lollipop, and one of the giraffes licked it while I was looking away.  I wish someone had taken a picture!

Pickles Pickles

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I hand fed carrots to a giraffe. They have this crazy long blue tongue that fully grips the carrot and yanks it out of your hand. It was a very cool experience


HeatherHawks HeatherHawks

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For my 20th birthday my mom, sister and I went to Busch Gardens to celebrate and we got to feed some giraffes while on a safari truck! Apparently giraffe's can only see the color green, unfortunately I was wearing green so they kept going for me. haha Lots of fun! Long necks and long tongues which wrap around your hand to get the lettuce!


mcoqueen mcoqueen

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Got to feed this giraffe named, Jack.  He's so sweet.  This was at the North Carolina State Zoo in Asheboro.  Lovely Zoo!

DeeDee. DeeDee.

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It was kind of scary cause I know that they have big tongues lol. It was a good experience because giraffe's are really beautiful and friendly. 

chickchawterritory chickchawterritory

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Photo Cred: Angie  

livelaughlove10 livelaughlove10

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I  went on a day trip to Lazy 5 Ranch over the summer of 2013. The ranch offers wagon tours through the park which houses a huge variety of animals, including giraffes. All of the animals are unfit to live in the wild, so there are no ethical issues. We were given buckets of food to give to the animals, and the around took us around to the different habitats. All of the animals were free living (no cages). Most of the animals just walked up to the wagon when we stopped, but the giraffes (because of their height) are kept in different enclosure. The wagon pulled up alongside the fence and we got to feed the giraffes.


wls12345 wls12345

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This is the giraffe I fed at the South Carolina zoo in 2013. I love giraffes 


Cupcakexcore Cupcakexcore

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Longest tongue ever!!! 


anna.rudy1313 anna.rudy1313

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Lovely animals

KelseyLiu KelseyLiu

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Feeding a giraffe defiantly wasn’t one of the most memorable moments of all. While visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in 2013, there was a station where you could experience feeding giraffes and elephants. Weirdly enough, I got really excited about this. Being so close and actually feeding such a majestic and incredible animal such as a giraffe really got me. I had so many good photography plans for it. If I were actually able to get these photos, they would have been incredibly awesome but, obviously due to my luck, I didn’t get the chance. I will explain why.

So after paying the fee, I went over and got one of the biggest branches there was. I turned around to ensure the camera was ready to get these awesome photos I had in mind but as soon as I did, the massive creature came up behind me and just snatched the branched clean out of my hand. I didn’t see the giraffe until it was munching on the huge branch I had just paid for. Heck I didn’t even think I was stood close enough for it to even reach me. But, guess I was wrong as usual.

As soon as the keeper saw I had (in her mind) fed the animal, I was shooed off so the other people got their turn. From paying for the branch to being stood watching the massive animal munching away on my branch was literally about three seconds. I would’ve gone back and paid £1 for another branch but I was a very moody and stubborn teenager so I guess I can blame nobody but myself (and the giraffe). Maybe I should’ve fed the elephants instead.



Jessravs Jessravs

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In August 2014. I was at a zoo in Florida with my mom. It was a really cool expirence and I'd do it again.  

yotaka.rodpothong yotaka.rodpothong

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We go to theme park called Safari World Bangkok.

And got an experience with Giraffe,Who known their tongue is long!!!!!! 


RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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Amazing! Their tongue just twists around it and they are quite the snatchers. I did it at Colchester zoo 

heyitsssssmace heyitsssssmace

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It was a weird experience. I handed the giraffe the first leaf and it took it out of my hand with its tongue. 

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Beautiful creatures with long crazy tongues. Docile until you put food out there.


agmrs1723 agmrs1723

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I fed a giraffe at the Jacksonville FL zoo. His tongue felt weird and I had to explain what the mating giraffes were doing. It definitely was a cool experience and we will be doing it again soon. Hopefully the giraffes find a room the next time around :D This is not my picture because I can not locate mine at the moment but I will upload my own once I find or get a new one. 


daisytoejo daisytoejo

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Fed a giraffe at the Baton Rouge zoo, but wasn't supposed to.  I put a branch off a bush in my mouth, and he leaned over and took it from me!  But, since you aren't supposed to, I wouldn't recommend it.  But, at the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, LA, they encourage feeding the giraffes!  It's fun feeding all the animals (but you are not supposed to feed the zebras--they bite) on the train, but the Pinz tour is awesome!  We had almost 5 giraffes heads in the jeep with us at the same time!  So cool!

rebeccalittle1593 rebeccalittle1593

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The Houston Zoo lets you feed the giraffe's for only $5!


samismymuse samismymuse

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At Tampa Zoo in Florida, it as an awesome experince. Giraffes have beautiful eyes! 

Photo my own.

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