Find a four leaf clover

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ltesfu ltesfu

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Finally found 1 yesterday evening, unexpectedly!


anett2323 anett2323

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Before traumatology exam..saved my life :D


cdawgg43 cdawgg43

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I actually ended up finding 5 lol


Nakaya Nakaya

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 "Search and you shall find"

sgkaylor sgkaylor

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Found while walking dogs 

xdcfan xdcfan

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first time login at bucketlist, watching some ideas, I found this. Luckiest, hopeful for a great 2017.

PickNchinks PickNchinks

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I've found a 'sweet spot' in my garden which is overflowing with four leaf clovers so I've found about 20 million but it's still just as satisfying when I find one now as it was when I found one for the first time


dadum86 dadum86

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I expected this bucket list item to be extremely boring followed by a immense sense if satisfaction. However I was simply sat in my garden soaking up the sun and remembered that finding a four leaf clover was on my list so I looked down and within the first 15 seconds of looking not only had I found 1 but I had found 2 . So either this isn't as hard are people make out or I have mutated lucky grass.

RaquelTelfer RaquelTelfer

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For most of my life, I've wondered if 4-leaf clovers were actually real.  People say they've found them, but I've never seen one, so I wasn't, was it just a 3-leaf and one was ripped in half?  And so, for as long as I can remember, I've searched clover patches I've been near, all over the US, for a 4-leaf clovers and have never found one......until.....yesterday, May 6th (ironically, 6 is my lucky number), 2015 at Jazzlyhn's softball practice, I was standing near  clover patch.  So naturally, I do a quick skim of it.  There was one that appeared to have 4 leaves amongst the others (but it usually ends up being 2 clovers close to each other that make one look like a 4-leaf).  I gave it a tap with my toe to flick away the other clover adding a leaf to it, and sure enough, no leaves moved.  So I bent down and picked it, and it was the real McCoy!  A real 4-leaf clover!!! 8-)  Chyeck!!


caleb3817 caleb3817

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At first we were planning on giving blood another item on my bucket list but the place was closed and on the way back we saw a patch of clovers at a gas station and decided to look and look and look until eventually we found the mysterious and ever elusive four-leafed clover!!

TheKitty TheKitty

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I found four-leaf clover in my garden and I even found five-leaf clover! It was fun:)


Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I found a four-leaf clover in the time when I was growing up as a child at 420 Linda Circle, Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Weaknessess Weaknessess

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 I have actually found several throughout my life.

singlechristian76 singlechristian76

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 I found the 4 leaf clover in my yard!

konakoffee77 konakoffee77

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Um... I mean, it's not that big of a thing to do, honestly. I've got the last one I found pressed in my Bible... It's sadly stuck in the book of Micah, where I left a lot of hope with it.


Jonah Lagan Jonah Lagan

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Centre aéré ,La balme de sillingy,


yetyetjulie yetyetjulie

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April 29, 2014

My Uncles and I were about to go to the lake to get some shrimp and unexpected to see bundle of four leaf clover on the way home. I just felt so happy that day. Can't resist to smile :) 



saryenn saryenn

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Found 7 four-leaf clovers in one pick.It seems if you find one, there are likely to be more around it due to a mutation (or so I've been told). I gave them all as a gift to a girl who had finding a four leaf clover on her bucket list :D 


gemmadowell gemmadowell

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 I found one on the farm! 

explorerjoey explorerjoey

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5 success stories

I found my first four leaf clover and two of my friends also found one within two minutes of me haha.


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