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jaana.karinkanta jaana.karinkanta

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Galveston, Texas. Sea shore, both the sunrise and the sunset. Pure love and happiness!!!

alinafr_93 alinafr_93

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This was by far my very best experience till now: I finally have found a place where I feel special, where I feel safe, where I feel at home: Vienna! 

This city definitely surprised me when I moved there 2 years ago! I will never regret this decision and it will always be "my special place" and have a special place in my heart! 


ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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My special place is Alaska! I first explored the majestic state in 2019 when I came to spread my moms ashes! She had always wanted to visit/live in Alaska and never got the chance. Even though it took me 15 years after her death to get up to Alaska to spread her ashes I know she is happy with her final resting place! I have visited Alaska twice now to revisit where I spread my moms ashes and to explore more of the area! Alaska will always have a piece of my heart now! It is my "special place" 


Otis.In.Disney Otis.In.Disney

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Has anyone ever felt like nothing could be moreperfect and you coul hug the whole world? That's how I feel in Walt Disney World :)

Jeminigirl2015 Jeminigirl2015

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 I love Malta, but the place that is close to my heart is a little Bay on Gozo called Xlendi.

 I have a photo of my nan when she revisited her home country back in the early 80's and given that it was February she is pictured in Xlendi wearing her winter coat - this picture always makes me smile - so Xlendi is 'my special place'

Hanoibikers Hanoibikers

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Hi, I am a travel lover. I travel mostly by motorbike, and love to ride on and off roads to remote areas that I've never been!

To meet my needs of riding to speacial places I and my friend buit up a Motorcycle tour company just in order to have more chances to ride away from the bustle cities to the special remote areas which keep me balanced...

I am now living in Hanoi, Vietnam and still in love with finding a great roads to special places in Vietnam. Any one wanna come to join me?

PicturePerfectBeauty PicturePerfectBeauty

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Happy Place 

JGriffioen JGriffioen

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San Ramon, Costa Rica

MadelineLM MadelineLM

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It is my bathroom, inside my house!



BaneBouffier BaneBouffier

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Lighthouse of Formentera

ximena_11 ximena_11

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Mi finca 

PhoenixFire PhoenixFire

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A lake cabin in Minnesota. My happy place.


mat_simmons mat_simmons

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My absolute favourite place on Earth - standing in Bartholomew Green in Southwold looking towards St Edmunds Church. Complete with the sound of seagulls and the smells of Adnams Brewery.

GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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Algonquin Provincial Park.

This is, without a doubt, my special place.

When times were rough at work and between myself and my now-ex boyfriend, I needed to tae a break and went on a self-cation. I booked four days, 3 nights in a cottage in Algonquin and each day, me and my camera went out for hikes and sight-seeing, drives and adventures, and relaxed on the lake while I took in it's beauty.  I actually cry just thinking about how special this place has become for me. I have never enjoyed myself more, and to be able to let go of all my worries and be a part of nature the way I did then - it was the most amazing experience.

I have since then decided to do everything I can to do this every year.  There are many trails I didn't make - as some take an entire day to make it through - and some trails I want to re-live. I stayed at a cottage in a resort called Parkway Resort, and because it was spring - their slow time, I was the only one there.

If I ever need a break, need to find myself or need to feel at peace - Algonquin Park is my special place.


scarlettlady scarlettlady

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Old Leigh-Essex

Dorsy Dorsy

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Hong Kong

ivoryschultz ivoryschultz

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Bald Head Island is my special place.  I love the laid back lifestyle & peaceful atmosphere!

musicmannick musicmannick

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The mountains of Colorado are my special place. I love seeing them.

r.hudson119 r.hudson119

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Airport overlook

Thydra Thydra

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Plekje aan de vaart

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