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JGartner JGartner

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 Victor - my one and only. Together for more than 2 years. Engaged :)

Autumn-marie Autumn-marie

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I met Morgan my freshman year of high school. He was a sophomore and he had like my friend who wasn't interested in him at all. We became good friends. We never really talked that summer after school ended, but when school started again we started taking again and more and more. We started dating in October of 216. But broke up 1 month later. It was hard at frist but sooner than later we became better friends then we ever were. We where best friends. But what I didn't know was that he still liked me. On May 25 of 2017 after school. He stopped me in the hallway ( we had a fight that day am I wasn't very happy with him) and he sat me down and showed me the song he was writing about me, about how he let me go and how he wanted a second chance so of course I gave it to him and we are doing better than ever.❤❤

samion samion

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I fall in love with him everyday! ♥ Sometimes life can be perfect! :)


michellatrix.lesam michellatrix.lesam

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We met in November 2013, got married May 2017! I'm so lucky to have him in my life. If soulmates are real, he is mine :)

alineguerreiro2015 alineguerreiro2015

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When you least expect it, fantastic things happen. You just have to be careful not to let these chances pass. And finding the love of my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. And to think that I almost let this opportunity pass for fear ...

JackiejoT JackiejoT

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I finally found him!  The most amazing man!!!!!!   2/24/2014 Can't wait to make our lives together.   Can't wait to have him help me complete this list!!!!!!!


erika.avila2000 erika.avila2000

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mertensjara mertensjara

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babe <3

1e date: naar de kerstmarkt in antwerpen en gaan eten bij da giovanni's 

en in het reuzenrad gaan suckt ballssssssssss

​loveyou babyboo

Leprechaaun Leprechaaun

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2016 - I believe I have, but the next few months will tell. 

He was indeed the love of my life.. I dont know why 2016 was relevant as we started dating in 2012 and got engaged in late 2016. 

erin.debruno erin.debruno

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Eh. He's alright. 

thisIZwar thisIZwar

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PS - Forever <3


Lexy Lexy

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He became the love of my life on the 1st of January 2017,he makes me happy and he loves me.We met in 2007,I was young and didn't know anything about love but I knew I loved him.Things didn't go well and we broke up but our paths managed to cross and we got back together and I've been smilling ever since.I knew he was the love of my life just after praying and welcoming 2017.He is not just my partner,he is my confidant,my life partner,my best friend and the love of my life. I love him,I wouldn't trade him for a billion dollars if it was offered to me in cash and I'd give anything to be with him.

Feffity Feffity

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He and I met in math class my freshman year of High School- 

He was witty, funny, sweet, and an amazing artist.

I was awkward and in a toxic relationship. 

We soon became closer and closer At the time he was known as "she" But he had always been male he just didn't have the word

We spent so much time together The best of friends close and comfortable entirely content

One day I kissed his cheek (as I did nearly every day) And he tilted his head and said "you can kiss me here, too" And kissed me full on the mouth.

From that moment on we were  joined at the hip sweet and loving knowing each and every part of each other

It wasn't long before he came out as trans I had a phobia of men (due to previously stated toxic relationship) but I loved him anyway.

My mother found out she hated him hated him I wasn't allowed to see him

In fact she was so outraged by my deviation from straight white suburban American dream that i was isolated from everyone for years

I'm going to college we only talk online  I've seen him a few times but not enough

He's the love of my life I'll marry him someday and I'll say it was from the first moment when he doodled a face on my math notes.

Minaluvvy Minaluvvy

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We work together. Every girls were after him, I didnt know why, he was not my type. But his personality was. I got attach like I never was. I've never get bored with him. We are like knife and demon. He is faithful by pride I'm faithful cause I hate people. I'm crazy and he is weird. We suit each other 😍

yana_parmentier yana_parmentier

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22/09/'15 <3 <3 <3


Mesmeric Siren Mesmeric Siren

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 I found the love of my life due to our sisters being best friends and playing match maker. 

fadwa.ib fadwa.ib

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he's my soul mate and i've found him

ealymercy ealymercy

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Its the best feeling in the world.

nic512 nic512

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I met this girl on a game that I used to play on my phone back in July of 2016. On July 7, 2016, we knew we were meant to be together. (meaningful)

vanekkatarina vanekkatarina

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L <3


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