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GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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Loved marking this one off. I have a bunch of amazing photos I would not have, had I not done this project an learned so much. If you choose to do this I strongly suggest join 365 project online it's an amazing community of people who are there to help push you an cheer you on as well as give you ideas an photography tips. I finished mine at the end of 2013. So in 2014 I decided to do a group 365 project so this way I only take a photo once a week but still push myself to make something unique an amazing

shacker shacker

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Proud to say I've completed a New Year's resolution - took a photo every single day in 2011. Notes and slideshow here:


Original post:

At a New Year's party yesterday, the topic of #photo365 projects came up, and several of us committed to giving it a go this year. Since I've been into Instragram recently, I'll be posting most of my stuff there initially, then copying one image per day to a  Flickr set.

Wish me luck!


SoarAway SoarAway

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Did this way back in 2008 before everyone started doing it >.<

Brynster Brynster

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Finished 24 December 2008.  



isabel isabel

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Tazni Tazni

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Completed :D Took a whole year but it was worthwhile :)

Maartje Maartje

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Tanda Tanda

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I'm so excited that I accomplished this goal.  I honestly can't believe it's over.  I can't say I like all of the pictures I took, but most of them I do.  Very fun challenge!  If you are interested, here the link to my project.

jeffstockett jeffstockett

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 I post my daily picture every day.  I did it for 365 days and have continued to do it.  I've missed a day or two since then, but I'm still going strong.

bunnylla bunnylla

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Yey!!! Got to achieve and complete this 365 photo diary of mine. :D


aitaylor2 aitaylor2

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This is a very easy project to complete with all the technology we have now, camera phones and whatnot.  I figured I always have a camera in my pocket, why not just do it.  I'll be honest I didn't take a picture every single day, but I did take 366 pictures as it was a leap year.  I'm still taking a picture every day and continuing with my photo journal.  I think that journalling helps you remember the details the way they were at the time.  It helps to have a reference to look to.  Sometimes the things I felt at one point in time or things that I did surprise me today.



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