Float in the Dead Sea

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moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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It was epic.


aantoinette aantoinette

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Even though people explain how it is to float in the Dead Sea, you can't imagine. You'll be so surprised, because it actually craves more of you, to stand than to fload!  

elfen elfen

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I went to the Dead Sea with a Korean Friend when I lived in kibbtuz.

DonnaT DonnaT

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ijustwannalive ijustwannalive

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Slathered some mud on myself and my habibis before we went in 

Jen__ Jen__

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Amazing! Be warned though the slightest cut and you will know about it!

vmerkulov vmerkulov

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I floated in the Dead Sea in December of 2008 as part of my Birthright trip to Israel for 10 days. I traveled with a group from Ohio State University, Ohio University, and a few from Miami. We traveled out of Fort Lauderdale.


Arwen091 Arwen091

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On Birthright, we came to the Dead Sea and Mosada in one day and it was beautiful out. It was the strangest sensation to be in water and not be able to go under it.  

a.koukhtieva a.koukhtieva

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Definitely the epitome of my trip! I'd recommend it, if only for the purpose of putting mud on all your friends and taking lots of embarrassing photos...


warrior_mik warrior_mik

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Everybody should do this. Amazing feeling. But you still can drown in dead sea,if you try to dive. I didn't tried  because is bad for eyes.

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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Yes, you do float! The water is very salty and as hard as you try, you will end up floating.


Tali138 Tali138

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 It burns, its scary at first, but it was awesome once you get used to it!


professor227 professor227

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 No pictures of me in a bathing suit!  I wouldn't do that to the world, but my husband and I did go out and float in the Dead Sea.  I am surprised that my husband agreed!  He doesn't swim, and doesn't like the water,  However, since he couldn't drown and would automatically float, he agreed to try it out!   It is one of those things I encourage you to try!  Lot's of people out enjoying the sun and the water!

Ketutar Ketutar

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It was fun... though I wanted to swim, and tried desperately turn belly down, and got the salty water in my mouth and eyes and DANG it hurt! So if you go there, lower yourself down gently and slow, use very slow movements, and use your body as a boat, if you want to get deeper in. That is, just float and row yourself forward (or backward, because that's the way you are going to move) with your arms.  Also, remember that the water is a huge mirror, and you will get sunburned just by floating there. Don't go so deep and stay there for so long that you get badly burned.

zelly.marie.nebrat zelly.marie.nebrat

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Birthright-Taglit 2015


suli.sari suli.sari

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I lived in Israel for 7 months and I had the change to go to the dead sea 3 times. It was pretty cool!

laila_7 laila_7

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 June 2014

emd07e emd07e

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Birthright June 16-June 27


for.anastasiya for.anastasiya

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It was interesting experience. I've had a rest with my friends in Egypt and we decided to see Dead sea and Israel. The next day we went on an excursion in Jerusalem. 

tayloc07 tayloc07

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The day after my graduation from high school I traveled to Israel with a group of seniors from my high school. We were led on a two week trip by Ray VanderLaan. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I still can't believe that I was able to go. We stayed at several hotels, and one of them was right near the Dead Sea. So, one night my friends and I (and other seniors) decided to go in the Dead Sea. 

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