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loved my kite as a kid 

A kite is traditionally a tethered heavier-than-air craft with wing surfaces that react against the air to create lift and drag. A kite consists of wings, tethers, pulleys, and anchors. Kites often have a bridle to guide the face of the kite at the correct angle so the wind can lift it.[2] A kite's wing also may be so designed so a bridle is not needed; when kiting a sailplane for launch, the tether meets the wing at a single point. A kite may have fixed or moving anchors. Untraditionally in technical kiting, a kite consists of tether-set-coupled wing sets; even in technical kiting, though, a wing in the system is still often called the kite.[3]

The lift that sustains the kite in flight is generated when air moves around the kite's surface, producing low pressure above and high pressure below the wings.[4] The interaction with the wind also generates horizontal drag along the direction of the wind. The resultant force vector from the lift and drag force components is opposed by the tension of one or more of the lines or tethers to which the kite is attached.[5] The anchor point of the kite line may be static or moving (e.g., the towing of a kite by a running person, boat, free-falling anchors as in paragliders and fugitive parakites[6][7] or vehicle).[8][9]

The same principles of fluid flow apply in liquids and kites are also used under water.[10][11]

A hybrid tethered craft comprising both a lighter-than-air balloon as well as a kite lifting surface is called a kytoon.[12]

Kites have a long and varied history and many different types are flown individually and at festivals worldwide. Kites may be flown for recreationart or other practical uses. Sport kites can be flown in aerial ballet, sometimes as part of a competition. Power kites are multi-line steerable kites designed to generate large forces which can be used to power activities such as kite surfingkite landboardingkite fishingkite buggying and a new trend snow kiting. Even Man-lifting kites have been made.

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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I used to have a kite when I was younger but we weren't so good at making it fly! I guess we never ran fast enough 

lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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Gorgeous beach

hvas89 hvas89

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Flew a kite in India during makar sakranti in 2006. Also flew one in Catmo on 4/17/2015


silverywhite silverywhite

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 Finally a successful trial on a beautiful day!

samion samion

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Винаги съм искала да пусна хвърчило. Хвърчилото за мен символизира свобода и необятни възможности... Какво по-хубаво от това да се усещаш свободен и пълен с надежда, че всичко, което искаш от живота си е възможно. 


Точно както си го представях! Уникално изживяване! Догодина пак!!! ❤️🎐🎏🎑

fleabag fleabag

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Table top mountain, cool in many ways. Native folk lore, disappearing waterfalls, spring flowers, the fact that it's a mountain with a flat top hair cut. Another reason it's really cool is it's the most bad ass place to fly a couple dollar store kites.

Snowthorn Snowthorn

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My boyfriend took me to Burton Dassett hills after work and brought his kite along for me to try flying. At first I couldn't get it to stay in the air but then I moved to the very top of the hill and it was really windy and I got the hang of it. I've now learnt to fly a kite! plus there was a rainbow the entire time, I had a lot of fun :)


Lady Good Mood Lady Good Mood

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Aaaa!!! I've never thought it's so exciting! I've bought the kite for my toddler. He was just running around with it... I think such little kids can't manage it in the heights. In the end I just made the thread really short and it worked perfectly for a toddler. As for me I've decided to buy me my own kite to have fun with it alone. I've tried to fly it and it was really high. But you really should catch the wind etc. It's amazing!! Absolutely amazing!

lisa.rabbitonolen.1 lisa.rabbitonolen.1

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Ive never flown a kite before!!!! Took the kids out to the local park and let them fly! More fun than I thought lol 

Klopsik2015 Klopsik2015

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Excellent 😄. I feel like a child again.

DreamyNight DreamyNight

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It was such a nice experience to fly a kite in the evergreen grass. The breeze is playing along with me and I could feel the scorching sun as it shines on me. As a young child, I feel like I can do all sorts of fun stuff. And one of those was flying a kite. I wish I can go back to the young me --- not so much problems going on in my mind, and I felt free and happy.

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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as a child, when I first went to the sea, with my parents. After years I captured this picture in Italy, remembering the time when I flew a kite by myself.


Jemimacoleman4 Jemimacoleman4

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I flew a kite for the first time on the beach in Phuket, with Izzy Bluck, Catriona and Fliss x


Vihv Vihv

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Fun with my son on a windy sunday 


hilda.satherberg hilda.satherberg

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 My roommate came home one day saying "Hey, it's so windy outside, can't we go fly a kite?" Needless to say I was thrilled of the idea, cuz I've never done it. So we went downtown, bought a kite, went to the local park and just did it. Soo much fun!!

StephanieM StephanieM

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I did this when I stayed at coffs harbour.

JuliaVer JuliaVer

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My dad bought me a kite as a kid.

snowhitesally snowhitesally

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It's something I have always wanted to do - and finally, at 29 years old, I fulfilled my dream. Unfortunately, my kite was only airborne for a couple of minutes, but it was still a great feeling.


lunasnow lunasnow

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As a little girl growing up in the carribean, I made kites from the stem of coconut tree branches! old plastic bags and string! its hard to explain but I plan on doing so again on my next vist in December. I'll take lots of pictures with step by step instructions.

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