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 "Omg best experience ever!! Killing it!  Crushing life! What's up world I can fly around you no problem!"  that was my initial reaction after this flying school. 

Recommended to me by my buddy Roy who is a pilot and big into planes. He nailed the recommendation.

We went to Sea, Land, Air flight school the link is here:

My experience was with Esther a young flight instructor who is great at teaching, will teach you a lot and let you actually fly. We went on a Monday and I experienced zero gravity like 6 or 7 times during the flight it is super cool. While I was doing a roller coaster of awesome flight maneuvers, viewing the beautiful Mt. baker and flying majestically over the lower mainland I began to sing, "I believe I can fly." Apparently, I was the first one to ever do that, how that is possible I don't know. 

The maneuvers option is one way to go, the other was apparently you are able to fly around downtown Vancouver in a scenic and tranquil route!

Anyways it was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend doing this!



jaynarvaez jaynarvaez

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 Hector's Birthday 2015

michael.spegal michael.spegal

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I took my first introductory flight June 2013 in a Sport Plane. I logged 1.5 hours of flight time. One of the best experiences I have ever had. Used a Groupon to achieve this. 


deepee2012 deepee2012

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I was a little nervous initially but truly enjoyed the experience. I started lessons but couldn't keep up with the demands of work.

katiejill katiejill

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So fun! I made Jordan (girl on the right) throw up. 


pres10 pres10

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took a flying lesson, flew for about 20 minutes.


bjordan101 bjordan101

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Flew a cesna for an hour and even got to fly over Gillette Stadium

sophiemccoy sophiemccoy

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October 2012. Very scary indeed! Didn't like one bit.

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Terrified does not even begin to describe the feeling I had going into this. I had been on a plane once for my trip to Vegas and hated it so I did not know what to expect while being in control. My co pilot kept urging me to do some acrobatics in our two seater plane which was not about to happen. I just took in the awesome views and enjoyed the experience.

AnnBushnell AnnBushnell

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Not just any plane but aerobatics in a Pitts Special (G-BTTR) with pilot / owner Gary Boyle. Had many flights with him during the summers of 2009 and 2010. Completed a an unassisted aileron roll on my second flight as well!

Firstirish Firstirish

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Got given a present of a 30/30 (30 min ground time, 30 minute air time) experience with a local flight school.

Arrived up early one Saturday morning, and took to the skies, only to instantly return to the ground due to an issue with the oil pressure guage. All other planes booked for the day so had to return a week later. Shame as the weather was perfect.

Returned a week later and took to the skies again, as I'd already been shown all the "ground checks" the previous week, I was able to get up in the air earlier, and get extra air time. It was really enjoyable, and got my pulse racing as we were only 20 feet from the ground before the pilot took back control of the plane to land, which was good as they hadn't taught me to land (or even to crash).

Really enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Next up Helicopter. Also adding Glider to booklist now.


JGonzales34 JGonzales34

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Nerve-racking fun! Would love to do it more often!


m.prytoliuk m.prytoliuk

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It was cool, although little bit scary =)

My very first flight was to Berlin, but I didn't take photos then. So photos are taken from another my flight.

AK63 AK63

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And this was definitely not the last time..! 

BobbyG93 BobbyG93

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 It's been an ambition since being small to fly a plane. I finally got to do it a few years ago and it was unreal. So pleased I did it and will do it again. 

laurenstevens3 laurenstevens3

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I was in Air Cadets and I was offered to opportunity to learn to fly a plane at RAF Benson on 28th February 2009. I was quite nervous after running through how to use a parachute effectively and was expecting the worst. However, the experience was amazing. I flew over my school and I was allowed to take controls and drive the plane myself, although another pilot was in the plane giving me guidance.

rijamadzeketa88 rijamadzeketa88

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 It was very amazing, i dont have worlds to desribe it.

troddy27 troddy27

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Flying lesson over San Francisco Bay - Wedding present from Ryan & Tina

Tarastrial Tarastrial

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Flew a Cessna 172 Skyhawk on a physics field trip in Grade 12. Best physics teacher ever!

eodle09 eodle09

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my fiance is a pilot and he took me up one day and i took over for a couple of minutes it was unreal!:)

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