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workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 On flight back from our wedding. We were upgraded for free on Virgin Atlantic

Tanghe Tanghe

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Thanks to her ! 


mcoqueen mcoqueen

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 Flew First Class for the first time.  Way more space and get treated very well on the flight. 

jmalafatti jmalafatti

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Thanks to the overbooking!


divamojo divamojo

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Flew first class a few times.  Went to Japan, Australia and Shanghai

brianna.d.mueller brianna.d.mueller

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Flew Business Class on British Airways to London with mom after she'd won tickets. Once in a lifetime!


Shaunnastarr Shaunnastarr

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 Flew First Class from Aspen! Thanks Sonny!

eliwire eliwire

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I flew Phx to slc!

jesmat jesmat

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It was a business trip to Athens but traveling in business class was not planned at all! The girl in charge of booking the flights made a mistake and bought me a seat in businessinstead of eco ;) 


girlpower823 girlpower823

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My family went to South Korea from Japan. It was only a 2 hour flight but it was fun. 


lisa515 lisa515

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I have only flown first class once.  Well, two round trips with the same purpose and destination and within the same month.  It was right after Taylor was born, 1997.  I was married to her dad, Clay, and he was expected to be at work in Delaware for most of late September, early October.  His company knew we were expecting, so they offered to fly me and my newborn out to Delaware to stay at the hotel so he could be there for work.  The stay in Delaware was very difficult.  Clay worked long days and I was stuck in a hotel room all day and night with a baby who never stopped crying.  Her dad, even when he was there, wasn't particularly tuned in to being helpful or empathetic, something I should have tuned into, as it became an ongoing theme of our marriage and his role as a father in the girls' early days.  But that's a whole separate story.  Despite the tedious stay in Delaware, we did fly there and back first class...twice.  Now, I was caring for a newborn and just prayed she would sleep the whole way, regardless of our flight accommodations, so I probably was not able to fully appreciate the perk.  It's not like I was drinking the booze or savoring the special treatment.  Nonetheless, it was easier to have a baby on lap with a little extra space en route, so I was thankful.

ephi.l ephi.l

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to New York (JFK airport) 


chantalleday chantalleday

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 Free upgrade at the gate Dubai to Manila Kept everything, ate everything qand didn't want to sleep to waste any second...fell asleep for 4 hours!!

MyAdventuresomeSoul MyAdventuresomeSoul

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Checking in for my flight home from Jay's wedding in Mexico, I was told "Welcome to 1st class". Confused, I said there must be a mistake. Nope, I was randomly bumped to 1st class & it was lovely. (My photo out of the window of my very 1st class seat.)

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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My family and I flew first-class from Honolulu, Hawaii to Kona, Hawaii during our first trip to Hawaii. 

aineforti aineforti

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I felt like a queen haha. 

OhSnapItsJenni OhSnapItsJenni

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I'm too spoiled to fly any other way. Totally worth the extra cash for the amount of comfort they provide.


Sonkika Sonkika

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It's great. :)  

adriana.j.gill adriana.j.gill

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On a business trip to San Fran, I had the experience to fly first class! It was extra special as I was able to take the flight with my fiancé and build in a weekend of exploring the redwoods and drinking wine in Sonoma. Definitely a fantastic memory :)


morganicjo morganicjo

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Way better than coach! Good food and way roomy. Flight attendants were super nice! 

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