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JSherlock JSherlock

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Air Canada YVR to Heathrow.


mcoqueen mcoqueen

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 Flew First Class for the first time.  Way more space and get treated very well on the flight. 

Sonkika Sonkika

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It's great. :)  

ClaireCooper ClaireCooper

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 Flying to Cuba we were upgraded, but I had flu all throughout

charliesaul96 charliesaul96

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Manchester UK to NYC


gadgetgal7 gadgetgal7

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I was under the misconception that first class was only a bigger seat, but there's so much more to it.  I highly recommend it.


jacek jacek

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 I got bumped to first class after spending 24h at the airport due to flight delays. It's the first time I tried spanish wine and it's been my favorite type of wine ever since :)

jdeares jdeares

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I've been flying a lot for work so now I get free upgrades![email protected]/5116689147/

professor.lmf professor.lmf

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 Returning from a great holiday in Uruguay, ge got lucky and got to fly first class. It was good!

shonywill shonywill

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I flew first class to Costa Rica. It was really nice. I quite liked it

33mmc33 33mmc33

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writerchic_86 writerchic_86

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I got to do this for the first time at no additional charge when my flight was cancelled and they had to send me first class from Indianapolis to Memphis. It might have been a short trip, but I definitely ate those snacks and enjoyed it!! :) I also got a free first class upgrade with my Dad on our return flight from Puerto Rico.

bella_fontanella bella_fontanella

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We missed our flight from Rio to Panama City and consequentially or connection to LA. We had to sleep in the airport floor in order to have a chance to catch the next flight. 30 hours later we where landing on Panama and when we heard our names on the gate to LA we froze, suspecting we would not be able to catch the flight, but they just wanted to let us know we had been upgraded (for free!!) 

troddy27 troddy27

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Flew first class to Hong Kong, China

Marcel Marcel

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Ixtapa 1997

MataMhari MataMhari

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Fly first class or in a private plane. go into the lounge get the whole treatment!

I bought my tkts on super sale (well cheaper than normal) and couldn't resist. I was flying to meet my new family for the first time. The trip was from Chicago to New York so a 3 hour flight? There was no security line and screening was sooo much more polite! That experience was worth the tkt alone IMO. There was no lounge on the local flight so I have to go first on an international flight one day. My husband and I and one other guy were the only ones not in suits. Sitting to my left was a call girl. I'm sure because her suit looked more expensive than the Chineese guy's in front of me. And I saw the tops of her stockings. The Chinese guy and I were the only bits of diversity. So when we were getting seated the host took my coat. The one I had on was embarrassingly tacky but super warm and did not match the other passengers suit jackets. He folded my fur ball over his arm and sent all the change in my pocket flying. He made up for it by bringing me a glass of champaign followed by a bottle of Cab and the best salad ever on a plane. Warm double chocolate cookies and a hot towel to clean b4 and after. Can't wait for the next opportunity to fly first class again!

mac mac

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I flew first class in September 2010 when I went to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a conference. I had a stop over in Toronto, Ontario going both directions. The meals were quite tasty and the seats nice and roomy. Very good experience.

WynterOne WynterOne

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Upgraded to First class when there were actual plates, glasses and silverware!

Tampa Florida to Toronto Ontario

brittnic45 brittnic45

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From Michigan to Indiana while waiting Standby :)

Misslissa_g Misslissa_g

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Flyed first class to Vancouver in 1999

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