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reeses_32 reeses_32

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Not on purpose, but we got moved up once. Good times

noleenhemish993 noleenhemish993

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Ha, 2 hours wasnt long enough! But truely enjoyable :D Soon again ;)

soliloquy soliloquy

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Fly anywhere ... First Class!

jmr615 jmr615

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Flew to London first class.. thank you doug.. :)

jillianolivia jillianolivia

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I've done this twice. Once when I was fifteen as a UM and again when I was twenty and had overweight bags.

midnightwaffle midnightwaffle

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It happened because of a mistake and was my third attempt to fly back home. The flight staff first attempted to pin the blame on me after the kiosk machine failed to print my complete boarding pass (I was stopped in security). Luckily my fiance was there after I powered down. 

The character next to me on the plane attempted to network and asked if I was part/owner of a business. How unfortunate for him that I was there on a fluke. And how silly I felt when I asked the attendant how much the in flight meal cost - - "it is free, darling." I enjoyed the extra leg room and munched on the warm nuts, sipping on a steady supply of soda and wine. All the while people around me discussed trips around the world and business meetings with important people.

It was surreal. 


DancingFish DancingFish

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At least once! It was when I was comming back from my trip from NZ, when I was little. We stopped in france and I went in first class to Spain. It was 2 hours, but I did it! ^^

emmako emmako

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During my au pair year I was coming from my vacation week in Miami and Caribbean Sea. I was early in the airport and saw another flight going from MIA-EWR so I took my chance and asked from United's desk if I could be transported into this earlier flight. It worked, I got this great Economy Plus seat  from more expensive flight and I ended up arriving home three hours earlier than I was scheduled!

LeeWeishar LeeWeishar

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Flying back to montreal from Los Angelas after visiting my uncle (and spending a couple days in vegas), I was upgraded to first class while flying standby on my step fathers buddy pass (he worked for air canada).I must say, the price difference is not worth it. If you have all the money you need, and its not a concern, then by all means go for it. but without that money, I'd fly economy 

bratterz_xoxo bratterz_xoxo

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completed!!! Omg it was the best thing ever! I felt like royalty!!!

dearwanderlust dearwanderlust

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Flew from Orlando, Florida to San Diego, California June 21, 2014. :-)


Jespey Jespey

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When I was 13 my family sent me from Sydney to London on my own to visit my aunts, Uncles, cousins and grand parents though out England and Scotland. As I was an UM (Unaccompanid Minor) I was up graded to the near empty first class cabin on my Singapore airlines flight so the attendants could keep a close eye on me more easily. Was an outstanding experience although the standard of furnishings back then is not quite as exciting as now. I would class it around current day premium economy!!

StandardDeviate StandardDeviate

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When flying Korea Airlines to Japan, I got bumped up to first-class. My friends poke fun at me saying she probably thought I was cute. Sat next to really wealthy Korean chicks and had a lot of legroom.

AGypsyMum AGypsyMum

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I have been lucky enough to fly first class on Virgin Atlantic several times. It really is the best way to fly, you feel really exclusive and can actually get a good nights sleep.

emujic emujic

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Short, but sweet, flight from Omaha to Detroit.

Rimtheboss Rimtheboss

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Done, Canada 2010.

OrcaSpitt OrcaSpitt

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Free upgrade from a FANTASTIC woman on Continental.  All my flights home from Tampa, FL had been cancelled due to Hurricane Irene in 2011.  My apartment flooded, and I had just taken a new job two months prior.  There was one First Class seat left... for a $500+ upgrade.  I told her my story, made her laugh, and she upgraded me for free!

In return, since she lives in Tampa, I sent her two free tickets to the amusement park.

The seats were so big (and you were treated like royalty with drink orders before the coach passengers even boarded!), that I was able to curl up and sleep without having a tray slammed in my head.

Tawneelyn Tawneelyn

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 LAX to Orlando 1/24/2014

DaniGirl11 DaniGirl11

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On our moving flight to England United Airlines upgraded Hubby and I first class from IAD! 

Mish@bucketlist [email protected]

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Eva Air, Northwest Airlines first class to Seattle to Korea and Manila to Japan the Seattle.

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