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Pickles Pickles

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This was a pretty cool experience, but the jet fuel fumes in the cabin ended up giving me a headache. Its a pretty incredible view from a helicopter. The photo of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House is brilliant. I enjoyed myself and glad to be able to check this one off the list


FiveByFive FiveByFive

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 Fear of flying doesn't help the situation. I thought it would feel safer than a 747, and it did...for the first minute or so. But it makes very sharp turns and you can feel it pulling Gs, and that's when the realization kicks in that it could fall out of the sky at any moment. Scary as it was, I kinda want to learn how to fly one now...

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Went in Hawaii - unreal views of the Big Island!

rebecca_channon rebecca_channon

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First off - there was only a hard copy of the New York Helicopter trip and none of the Monte Carlo one so have settled on a pic from Monte Carlo instead :)

Loved the New York Helicopter sightseeing trip I did with BFF Lucy in the mid-00's.  More glamorous, but slightly more scary, was the Helicopter trip from Monte Carlo to Nice Airport in 2012.  We were celebrating Lucy's 40th birthday and returning home after an amazing few days in Monte Carlo.  The Helicopter felt much more like a glass box from which you could see everything - incredible views but a little daunting!  


JenM JenM

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This was very cool! Got to see Chicago from the sky. I would do this again!

partychild partychild

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LD Fall Fair - Sept 12/2015


Jrwhite Jrwhite

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Took a helicopter tour of Kauai, Hawaii.

aeleryan aeleryan

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Took an introductory flying lesson around Seattle.


frankie.malone.7121 frankie.malone.7121

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April 2014 flew in a helicopter with my fiance jay over cape town =) jay was really scared haha but I loved it 

shannachristen shannachristen

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 Did this one for Gishwhes 2016

joannemcguire2014 joannemcguire2014

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Hold on!!!!! Florida International drive

codebluebucket codebluebucket

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We hiked up a mountain to a place called Lake Lovely Water. It took longer than we thought it would and when the darkness came we had to sleep beside the trail, with a steep hill close-by. When the morning light came we made our way up to the lake and our rental cabin. We made some fishing rods and fished the icy, clear water. So clear in fact that we could see the fish on their way to our bait. After our near death experience walking through the middle of a melting ice cave, and my fall over a cliff while going down to our boat, we were ready to head home. But instead of a slow hike back down, he called up a helicopter and we were off the mountain in no time. What a view along the way...And What an exciting trip it was :)

siljelingrasmo siljelingrasmo

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Suprised my boyfriend with a helicopter ride over Tromsø city in Norway!! It was amazing <3  Memories that will last forever 

GigglesSquish GigglesSquish

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Adam's Birthday 2014


kribrat kribrat

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Totally worth your money, do it!


tesslundvall tesslundvall

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Flu helicopter over Grand Canyon on our USA-Roadtrip 2017. 

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I have flown in a helicopter on several occasions for fun with Wings Air Rescue, Elizabethton, Tennessee as well as a tourist helicopter in Pigeon Forge w/ my son, William, when he was a toddler.

Kyle123 Kyle123

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July 29, 2015 Myrtle Beach, SC 


dcmckenna dcmckenna

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I'm still amazed how these things fly. Once was down into the Grand Canyon, the other was high up into a glacier in New Zealand


GinaRe GinaRe

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 My friend and school counselor, Brandy, nominated me for a patriotic employer award, so I was able to attend a beautiful luncheon, tour the guard facility, and go on an amazing ride with her!

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