Fly in a hot air balloon

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calvinellis calvinellis

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The first of many wonderful hot air balloon rides. Next one hopefully will be a hot air balloon festival. We'll see what this amazing journey brings. 

dcmckenna dcmckenna

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The silence of a sunrise hot air balloon across the Australian outback, chasing your own shadow or kangaroos is enough reason to set your alarm clock for this one


emily.fine.94 emily.fine.94

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Did it twice in San Miguel Mexico. If you're tall wear a hat your head may become a little toasty!

Phie Phie

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 We flew in a balloon over the amazing rock formations of Cappadocia in Turkey.

Pandora13 Pandora13

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We did this in Cappadocia, Turkey, very early in the morning. It was stunning; completely quiet but for the occasional hissing of the balloon's fire. The landscape in Cappadocia is amazingly beautiful. 

vsmiles vsmiles

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 And be proposed to, hehe.

sandeep_ss19 sandeep_ss19

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Done:  Luxor, Egpyt

Nossen Nossen

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Completed in 2003, "Markgreve av Mellringe"

natshaw2 natshaw2

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was really romantic and great views in york. highly recommend 


ArielDunn ArielDunn

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Spencer_nicole Spencer_nicole

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In tuscany:)

hasoooob hasoooob

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HOT AIR BALLOONING!Was such a great experience!Anyone contemplating going on a hot air balloon... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Its not thrilling at all. Very cruisey and smooth. Beautiful SUNRISE views. Very romantic. We even had one guy propose to his girlfriend in the air! <3



Bought a susrise hot air balloon experience with a friend for her 21st off! will hopefully be going in the xmas holidays! CANT WAIT! :D;current=hot-air-balloon-ride.jpg

Adventuregal Adventuregal

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I had my very 1st hot-air balloon ride through valley of the kings & queens, Egypt.


dirtydavid dirtydavid

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Took my first flight in the UK in the summer of 1994

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