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hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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My friend did one for me with a henna kit she had it was cool. She was an artist so I got the pretty detailed swirling lines associated with it but it deal feel weird have the stuff on that makes the tattoo.

Margitorsolya Margitorsolya

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Lovely :D


eef11 eef11

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 I got my henna tattoo on the streets in Kathmandu, Nepal. I did like the tattoo but It smelled really funny..

rosemaryale rosemaryale

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Every time I go to Disney World I get a Henna tattoo at Morocco, Epcot.

souzette souzette

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Because I'm fickle minded


5408chrys 5408chrys

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It was so cool! Loved it to death! <3 Got it at Jonkers Walk in Penang :D Her hands moved really quick and I was really amazed.

bowbowbunni bowbowbunni

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I got it done when I was 10, it was a beautiful flower~!!

 (Not the same as the picture, but close..)

okaly okaly

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My friend Hannah studied Henna as part of her GCSE art project so she did it on me at Boardmasters, it was so good that somebody paid her £10 to do it! 

forgetful76 forgetful76

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 Took a family vacation to the Colorado Springs area. On our last day there, we returned to Manitou Springs, a very eclectic lively area with wonderful shops. This trip was about doing new things. I started to walk past the henna place, but it pulled at me. I poured through their books and found one I really liked that went up my forearm. My daughter also got her first henna tattoo at the same time. The woman even sprinkled colored glitter on the design. I'm so glad I did this. It was a really great experience. 

cestamber cestamber

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On holiday we went to a small city we've been last year. At that time I was thinking to take a henna tattoo but I didn't. So this year we were back and I got a henna tattoo: two birds on my wrist! 

thisisbekka thisisbekka

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got this done whilst in marrakesh and it was really pretty but the woman crazily overcharged us because we couldn't refuse because she'd already grabbed my hand and started drawing it. Also it didn't last for as long as they said it would, wouldn't recommend getting it done somewhere busy like this.


Tinkabella Tinkabella

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Get yourself a Henna Tattoo (be carefull just use Natural Henna)


Ellystar18 Ellystar18

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Loooove my henna tattoo 


Seriously it was really quick to get done. I left it on for about 8 hours and then it crumbled off and was an orange color and now its a really deep brown color and super beautiful (:


sm543 sm543

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Went to the garden markets in Cape Town and met a lovely woman named Chandra who done our Henna tattoos. We had a good chat with her, a few days later we went back with a few other girls and she re-done my hand henna and then I got my foot done... She refused to take my tip the second time, she was too sweet! . . . .T.I.A!!!

Vness12 Vness12

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Well this is one the many henna ive done.


stephysbucketlist stephysbucketlist

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 I had my first henna tattoo my first year in college and it was really pretty for the first 1hr than it faded away

justcallmeroy justcallmeroy

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It was something to do with my sister. It was exciting and very fun.

Endeebee Endeebee

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Got a nice little pattern on my shoulder, really pretty :) 20/10/2013 Tunisia on the beach

biuuus biuuus

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It happened in Doha, Qatar, at a tennis tournament ! :) It was made by a woman who was wearing hijab so I couldn't see her face at all, but I could see her smiling when she looked at my reaction after it was done :)


kialibera kialibera

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 i got my friend to write 'meme lord' on my knuckles to practice her henna but it counts lmao

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