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kaykay0834 kaykay0834

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Got an amazing massage on a cruise with my mom, aunt, and sisters. It was so amazing and I can't wait for my next one! ❤

ceckerty ceckerty

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Done. My best friend Laura, got me a massage on the beach as an early birthday present while we were vacationing at the Riu Palace Mexico near Playa del Carmen, Meixco in April 2012. The picture shows the hut where the massages take place. So relaxing and wonderful!

suhani.aryal suhani.aryal

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yoad956 yoad956

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bluenwild bluenwild

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I got a gift coupon for a massage from my sister for my birthday and christmas (together). It was SO nice! I loved it, eventhough I'm terribly ticklish. ;) haha

AlessandraCalypso AlessandraCalypso

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I have never gotten a massage in my life. It would be wonderful to experience a massage in real luxury at least once in my life

Goal ACHIEVED. I went to Lambertville where my finacee and I had a romantic Christmas weekend in December 2012. It is also where I found my gorgeous engagement ring setting... so I thought how cool to have my first massage there. I made it a couple's massage and I was VERY nervous.

The massage rooms were old and dated. not attractive at all and had WAY too much light from the window facing me to relax.

It was not at ALL what I imagined it to be, but despite my nervousness I was so glad that Shawn was with me to experience it with me together.

The women who gave us the massages were VERY good at what they did, I just couldn't relax because no one has ever touched me or massaged me before. It was a little uncomfortable, and the atmosphere did not help.

I'm not sure if there will be a next time, but if there is, it will definitely be on a tropical beach in the sun listening to the ocean, instead of the music the used with the fan turning on and off and a guy playing the saxophone below us.

It was interesting, for sure...but it wasn't for me.

jennifer.hopewell.5 jennifer.hopewell.5

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My mom booked an appointment at Heaven Spa for me, my sister, and herself. I got a combination massage from a massage therapist named Vilma. I never got a massage at a spa before and it was amazing. I left sooo relaxed and I hope to start going regularly. 

hayleylanettegrimes hayleylanettegrimes

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My dorm hall had manicures and massages night where we got free massages. guessing about date not sure..

caredneckgirl caredneckgirl

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First massage ever.  Was nice BUT ended up with major headache / sinus as they released everything!!  Would do again BUT not let them touch neck / head!  I did the "couples" massage with my BF...was nice being in the same room!

sabysab66480 sabysab66480

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Je l'ai fait plus d'une fois. C'est toujours génial

Danilee21 Danilee21

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Valentine gift from my boyfriend at Spa Ofuro, Quebec

tailzers tailzers

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Got a massage with my mother for her birthday! 

lilly lilly

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Got a massage. At timeless   Salt cave,  no pics. Dark.    


tnoblin tnoblin

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22nd Bday. Deep tissue massage. Miserable and hurt. 

sanc3854 sanc3854

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Lived with a Massage therapist :) Free massages! 

xXxleighxXx xXxleighxXx

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I've had quite a few. My favourite is the hot stone massage I had whilst on holiday in Lanzerote.

Chrispolly25 Chrispolly25

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Went to winchester norton hotel, got my first propa back n scalp massage was so good, def recommend this for people who want to distress!

jerome.nome.1 jerome.nome.1

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This is NOT a bucket list item people. It is a monthly (at minimum) necessity.

funnywuzzy13 funnywuzzy13

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My best friends got me a gift card to get a massage for my 20th birthday. It was wonderful and I wish I had enough money to do it again!

LeyOn LeyOn

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Chocolate massage ! In a wellness center in a wonderful place: Lillafured!

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