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Smiz Smiz

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got my ears pierced...  

noa781 noa781

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nose piercing 

Mamba Mamba

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Got a helix piercing in my left ear. Hurt a bit, but I'm loving it!


AmbitiousDepressive AmbitiousDepressive

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 Today, after chickening out for about two years I finally got myself pierced- nose and cartilage at Screaming Needle Tattoo. After having spent about an hour last night watching videos of people getting their nose pierced and almost chickening out I finally did it despite the fact that a needle was going through a part of my body- which I hate. See the thing is they make you pay for the piercing before you get it done- lucky for me and I also had Josh getting pierced (industrial) with me (his was much worse).


DeeDee. DeeDee.

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I got my ears pierced and my nose pierced. I took my nose out because my job didn't accept it. It hurt when I got it. I got it last year and when i got it my sister got hers with me.


KirstenKorena KirstenKorena

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 Pierced on my nose!! Got you!

Superkik97 Superkik97

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I got my very first piercing in North Bay. I decided to get an eyebrow piercing as a lot of my close relative has just got theirs done a few years before and I just loved how it looked. So, I got it done when I was only 14, with the permission of my mom and dad, of course! When I stepped in the shop, I kinda of got scared, there was this biker getting a huge tattoo done on his back right in front of the door and his friend was sitting next to it. I told myself, ''What am I doing here !? I dont belong.'' but just as the thought crossed my mind my dad looks at me and says that if I changed my mind, he would be pretty mad. So, I just went with it. My dad stayed with me throughout the piercing and he was asking all sorts of questions to the employee. Because of this, I was not expecting the guy to pierce me when he did. It was done in a flash, and it didnt hurt at all! Awesome experience!

Five years later, my piercing collection is now complete with a total of six different piercings. Eyebrow, belly, helix, daith (which hurt like hell but was so worth it as it looks amazing and it's so unique) and two lobe piercing on each side.

kacaba kacaba

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OMG I have a piercing. I wish that maybe 3 years ago


SaraDem SaraDem

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 Had a Smiley pierced.

Facethefear Facethefear

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Got my tragus pierced in Brighton

ammontgomery ammontgomery

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December 21st, 2012 - lip

Soulvision Soulvision

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 This was actually an unplanned action. My best friend's dream was to get a belly button piercing. I went with her as mental support. At the last moment she freaked out because she was afraid it would hurt, so in an impulse i said you know what .. i will get one too, will go first and will tell you how it feels. She was happy i would do so. So i did. It didn't hurt at all, so she got hers as well and we baptized it our friendship piercing :) When we got at my parents place we realized that besides having to keep our jeans button open, we couldn't sit down (cuz that did hurt! haha). We were moving around like two pregnant women with back pains (lol). The healing took about 6 weeks before everything was back to normal again. It was one of those experiences you'll never forget. (In a good way)  I still have it, never took it off :)

Samanthamum Samanthamum

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October 31, 2006 — Urbana, OH

I got my lip pierced during my junior year of high school on Halloween. At this point, it's been nearly eight years and I still love it!

(Entry date: ​July 28, 2014) 

loesvuitton loesvuitton

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Awesome my industrial piercing didnt even hurt

melaniehannoun melaniehannoun

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 June 2014! randomly called my parents and told them I was heading over to SoCal Ink to get my triple forward helix!

Amuzerz Amuzerz

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My ears when i was 6 or so :3

Veroniquevdb Veroniquevdb

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I dreamed of a piercing for years, and when I finally got sixteen, I was able to get it. So I got my first piercing in Amsterdam, in a little pierce shop. I was really really really nervous, but the pain was not as bad as I thought it would be. So now I have a rook piercing and I love it. 


mortevie mortevie

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It really, really hurt and I almost fainted but it looked awesome af


BaconsBucket BaconsBucket

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Ive got my ear lobes peirced, my lip peirced twice, my industial peirced and my belly peirced:))

antesdos30 antesdos30

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