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labellavita labellavita

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mafiakancil mafiakancil

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9 small studs on both of my ears, 1 navel bar, and 1 tongue bar :D


ShayzeLee ShayzeLee

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I added this to my bucket list when I was 14. I was into the whole "Punk" scene at the time and wanted to be rebellious.

Fast forward a few years to my 18th Birthday...

My parents took me and my then Boyfriend Doug to Canada so I could get drunk and see naked ladies. On our last day, right before heading home, my parents dropped us off at Adrenaline Piercing and Tattoo. They handed us some cash and said "Get anything you want, but no tattoos".

We decided to get our lips pierced, Doug went first and said "Ow" so I was a little scared, but I really didnt even feel it, maybe a litttle prick but thats all. I didnt even notice when he put the jewlery in.

The piercing only lasted 8months before I got sick of it, but since then I've pierced my nose [most painful], my clitoris, and the Helix of my ear. I also plan to pierce my Tragus in the comming months.

reeses_32 reeses_32

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Got my ears pierced.. twice lol

MaiBucketlist MaiBucketlist

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Was 18 or 19 years old, best friend and I decided to do something crazy together! She got a tattoo and I got my tounge pierced! Heard stories about people passing out but it actually wasnt painful, all in the mind! Yes I have swallowd a ball accidentally and no I havnt chipped a tooth. Bestie and I agreed to do something crazy every year in March but hasnt quite got there, maybe a 10th anniversary pain sesh again!

hellolovely hellolovely

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lip<33 • clavicle/chest • tragus • industrial • tapers/gauges

always thought piercings were sexy :)


Felt restless the Sunday night before Memorial day, so texted Cyntasstic to hang out and go get pierced. She was down (I was surprised) so i looked up places and decided on Pierced Out. Called the next morning and was surprised again that they were free. Sched an appointment and went in (like an hour early lol). after almost an hour of deciding what to get (and chickening out) i decided to fuck it and get the dermal piercings. done and done. loveee<3

hopefully this spontaneous event paves the way for more yolo shit to come


inanimategirl inanimategirl

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sylvethisle sylvethisle

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I got my tragus pierced on the 5th of March!

We had a huge break in our day, since all our lectures were cancelled after we got to university, so me and four friends wandered into Sheffield to get a magazine for one of them.

Whilst there, we spontaneously went to Blue Banana, enquired, and went for it. I got my tragus done and Caz got her belly done.

We ended up running back to campus cause we had the head of biology for tutorial, didn't have time to wait for the lift so we had to run 5 flights of stairs, and eventually made it ten minutes late. Luckily, the head of biology was later than we were so it was okay. Very good day!

sarahjbrown94 sarahjbrown94

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It's my ear lobe, but hey! I did it :p

madden1010 madden1010

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Today I completed this goal. I went to my local shopping centre with my mum and sister, and both my sister and I got our ears pierced (I got first hole, she got second hole). I was a bit iffy about getting my ears pierced since the previous times I had my ears pierced they got terribly infected and caused me a lot of pain. I know it's early days, but so far, so good, and much less itching and pain than the previous times I got them pierced. I barely know they're there!

Jasmine Jasmine

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My eyebrow is now pierced!! So stoked and want to get more piercings.

alexisjaderowe alexisjaderowe

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-hip surface piercings


-ears gauged


ClaireJKP ClaireJKP

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I wanted a piercing from when I turned 16 I guess. I had my ears pierced when I was really young, but decided to get my navel pierced.

angiekay82 angiekay82

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Hopefully if I ever meet a guy, he will find them intriguing...

misskiki misskiki

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Two at once in my right ear so now I have 3 holes in my ear lobe :) I like to think it's an original and unique piercing. 

camila6 camila6

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natalien912 natalien912

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Today, Tuesday July 23rd 2013. i pierced my hurt like a bitch  

Paulette Paulette

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Hurt a bit but I was smiling while I got pierced (helix)! 

vme.kendrick vme.kendrick

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Got a friend to join and she also got a piercing...after voicing the idea the day before, we just looked up a place and went the next day. Enough said, do it!!

Senko Senko

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Summer 2013, White Horse Rock 'n Roll Costinesti

Helix pierce

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