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Get A Piercing

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lebaboy9669 lebaboy9669

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i got my tongue piercing when i was 18, i've been wanting one for 2 years before i took a step :P

my folks wern't to happy about it, but in the end i got one for myself and not for them so they accepted it and they don't mind now :) 


pinkbookoflifegoals pinkbookoflifegoals

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  1. left nostril 
  2. right nostril
  3. 2 helix 
  4. my ears pierced + stretched 

roxanam12 roxanam12

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Tongue ring and belly button ring  

squezada squezada

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 Got my left nostril pierced, I had been wanting to do it for 4 years and finally stopped making excuses. The experience didn't hurt a much as I expected, and healing is going well so far.

ami_yourgal ami_yourgal

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Do ears count?

JennyLee JennyLee

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5 x ear piercings already, but maybe another one would be even better

Itsmissgoth Itsmissgoth

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I had and still have piercings I have now...

2 x 10mm stretched ears

5 x other ear piercings including 1 cartlidge

1 x tongue piercing

I had...

1 x monroe piercing

2 x lip piercings

1 x nose piercing

I think I qualify for get a piercing! Highly addictive


BuffySummers BuffySummers

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Got two ear piercings in both ears and plan to get 2 more in each


xBethanyJadex xBethanyJadex

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Belly, nose and ears.

rachools rachools

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Got it done on the third of December, 2009.

It was my tragus on my left ear, and after a week of hyped up anticipation, I was elated; it didn't hurt as much as I assumed it would.

Nice little picture of my ear there!

maeholland maeholland

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Some people have no piercings, others entire bodies are covered in them. I have my ears both pierced 2x. Have my bellybutton pierced, and my nose.

Tazni Tazni

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I might of gone slightly over the top with this one....... I got 6 in one go :)

JumpingSpider JumpingSpider

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I had two in each ear and an eyebrow piercing at one time - since then all of the holes have grown back in.[email protected]/6047007367/in/photostream


Kimmymcm1922 Kimmymcm1922

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Navel piercing... So weird at first. Gets "crusty" for first two weeks then looks sooooo cute!

moreadventurous moreadventurous

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pierced nose...twice!!

arkkipiispa arkkipiispa

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May - 2007

I walked down this one street that I used to walk back then every day and I passed by this tattoo-place. So, I stept in and asked if they'd make piercings also. Well, they did and now four and half years later I still got a needle through my lower lip.

Hoyasaxa Hoyasaxa

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Got my left cartilage done 5/28/11

Vanessa18 Vanessa18

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Belly button and nose :)

Cawaii Cawaii

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I had my lip done when I was 15. And my belly button when I was 20. They both got infected, though. I want another and I want to be damn pedantic about the after care. I don't care if I come off ridiculous or silly, I will ask those 20 questions if it means I won't mess up my after care AT ALL!

  • Belly button again would be nice, especially on a flat tummy. hot stuff.
  • Lip is always hot, and: angel bites or snake bites? Rings or studs?
  • Nose? I dunno. It looks cute in pics but I'm not sure it's me!
  • Monroe ♥

* * *

3rd Jan - Got a dermal anchor

Still keen on my nipple even though I'm sure it'll be the most painful thing I ever do LOL

Shannon Shannon

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28 success stories

I have my belly button, ears, and cartilage done

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