Get lost in a foreign country

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ElinLouise ElinLouise

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When arriving in Czech Republic me and my friend needed to find a specific train station in Prague from which our train to Ostrava would leave, and we decided to walk rather than use the metro, and well we got lost. We found our way in the end though and we got to see a lot of the city while walking so it was pretty fun. And when I told me friend that getting lost in another county was on my bucketlist she simply replied "well Czech!"

Anurag999 Anurag999

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went to the Hongkong, was staying in friends apartment. 

Had to take train from university back to apartment but i stepped out of train one station earlier..and i began to search map..i was completely out of track..then after like 2 hour of romaing around night (11 pm to 1 am)...i stopped fighting it...than asked for banana shake wth 24 HKD  and enjoyed my lost..all the way long...after 2 more hours i was in front of my felt good


Jenessa17 Jenessa17

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 Last day in the UK and we got lost. Not in London, but in a smaller town. There was a little town not far from our relative's house and we decided to walk there. We found it but when we wanted to go back, we almost got entirely lost when we missed a road. Fortunately, I remembered a pub on the way there so Google maps could help us (after I forgot to save the coordinates of the house). So we found our way back. It was fun even though, we still mention it from time to time.

Sal252 Sal252

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I've gotten lost in all the foriegn countries I have been to - it's the only way to travel!

Bogdano Bogdano

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 Went to Bangkok Thailand in January 2016.  The 2nd day that I was there, I was trying to walk back to the hotel from a street market.  I followed Google maps directions and ended up walking though an alley that smelled like pee, crossing a bridge where a man was dumping his bucket of pee into the water and walking through shady neighborhoods

mfilka1 mfilka1

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Let me start by saying that "getting lost" was not our original goal. My roommate and I were taking on Europe together with the rest of our study abroad program, while the entire organization "forgot" us at the top of the Eiffel Tower (....yeah I don't believe it either). Once we reached the ground, we realized they were no where to be found. Without cellular data and knowledge of the foreign language, we had to make the best of the situation. We found two women who spoke English, and they told us that if we would just follow the river that we would find Notre Dame. After walking several miles (and breaking the heel of my boots), we ran into Notre Dame. We thought this would solve all of our problems, but of course it did not. I still had a broken shoe, and we were not any more sure of how to make it back to our hotel. I found a random boutique to buy some new booties, and fortunately for us... The McDonald's next door had wifi! Long story short... we made it back to our hotel. I don't wish that kind of fear on anyone, but it really does make you learn your way around and appreciate the people and culture.


Ibraheem-jug Ibraheem-jug

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It is really nice because you see new places, and you can get out easy using Google Maps ;)


fk.p.merlin fk.p.merlin

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got lost on our 2nd day going to dongdaemon market

rahul_can rahul_can

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My Company sent me to Canada for work, there I decided to go on a short road trip from Toronto to Quebec via Montreal. I, my colleague and his friends decided to walk around the roads of Montreal. In Montreal, we got lost in an area called China Market. In the same trip, I and my colleague got lost in the city of Toronto, after some time we found out that we were in Keningston Market.

Fannie-1D Fannie-1D

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I got lost in London

marianaherreria marianaherreria

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 Wasn't that fun. I was really lost, afraid and tired, though now when I think about it I laugh.

Anurag999 Anurag999

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lost with a french girl

Nasu Nasu

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Wasnt funny at the time but it is now 😂

Mangjose Mangjose

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Drove 60Km from Myingyan to Bagan, the Site was massive with thousands of Temples to explre, its easy to get lots in this archeological marvel in the middle of myanmar. 

caro_alva caro_alva

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Let me just say that this was not my original goal. My friend and I had taken a bus in Rwanda from the Kimironko market and wanted to head into Kigali to see Hotel-Milles Collines. Got off at the bus stop in the city centre and just walked around mindlessly and we didn't know which way we were heading. Asked a few people for directions until we finally ended up at the hotel  

Katrinebaum Katrinebaum

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My best friend and I decided to travel - interrail style! We went to Italy and was so busy exploring the country that we didn't notice what bus we stepped on and suddenly we found ourselves stranded far out of town on what looked like a dumpsite. No busses, no people - just the burning hot sun and rats... We waited it out and luckily after a while a bus came by and with no hesitation we jumped on and drove back to town!

revatar revatar

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Egypt, got dropped at the wrong airport terminal with less than an hour to catch my flight


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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1998: OMG, Paris was confusing!  Wish we had a GPS back then...

ClaireCooper ClaireCooper

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August 2007 getting lost in Belgium walking through the Jewish Quarters

May 2005 getting lost in Amsterdam when we made the decision to walk from the airport to our accomodation

blagman blagman

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 did this on more than one occasion, but have always made it home ok, touch wood

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