Get lost in a foreign country

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Anurag999 Anurag999

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went to the Hongkong, was staying in friends apartment. 

Had to take train from university back to apartment but i stepped out of train one station earlier..and i began to search map..i was completely out of track..then after like 2 hour of romaing around night (11 pm to 1 am)...i stopped fighting it...than asked for banana shake wth 24 HKD  and enjoyed my lost..all the way long...after 2 more hours i was in front of my felt good


Sal252 Sal252

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I've gotten lost in all the foriegn countries I have been to - it's the only way to travel!

Ibraheem-jug Ibraheem-jug

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It is really nice because you see new places, and you can get out easy using Google Maps ;)


mfilka1 mfilka1

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Let me start by saying that "getting lost" was not our original goal. My roommate and I were taking on Europe together with the rest of our study abroad program, while the entire organization "forgot" us at the top of the Eiffel Tower (....yeah I don't believe it either). Once we reached the ground, we realized they were no where to be found. Without cellular data and knowledge of the foreign language, we had to make the best of the situation. We found two women who spoke English, and they told us that if we would just follow the river that we would find Notre Dame. After walking several miles (and breaking the heel of my boots), we ran into Notre Dame. We thought this would solve all of our problems, but of course it did not. I still had a broken shoe, and we were not any more sure of how to make it back to our hotel. I found a random boutique to buy some new booties, and fortunately for us... The McDonald's next door had wifi! Long story short... we made it back to our hotel. I don't wish that kind of fear on anyone, but it really does make you learn your way around and appreciate the people and culture.


Bogdano Bogdano

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 Went to Bangkok Thailand in January 2016.  The 2nd day that I was there, I was trying to walk back to the hotel from a street market.  I followed Google maps directions and ended up walking though an alley that smelled like pee, crossing a bridge where a man was dumping his bucket of pee into the water and walking through shady neighborhoods

Ch4rlotte Ch4rlotte

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 I've lost count the amount of times we got lost trying to find our way to our rented villa in southern France! Although on one occasion, it took us 6 hours to drive 100 miles due to the millions of wrong turns and sat nav malfunctions. 

sushifischie sushifischie

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We went driving in the outskirts Tromso, Norway looking for a good place to view the Northern Lights. Armed with a simple map from the local tourist office (which is not even up to scale), we drove on snow-covered and almost empty roads. We came into a fork, took the wrong turn and got completely lost. We ended up stumbling into one of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen in my entire life. Getting lost sometimes lead to the best adventures.


reddchick32t reddchick32t

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  My mother and I got lost outside of a square somewhat in the ghetto in Mazatlan Mexico at night. The woman on the bus said I know this is the right stop because everything is dark, we followed her to the Square. After having dinner  we danced a little and walked back to the bus stop. To wait for a half an hour to realize the buses were done and we were an hour outside of the tourist areas. We got heckled by some older man asking if we were prostitutes as we walked out onto the main bike path on the bay. We admired the mermaid statue and flag down a cab and laughed the whole way home

DrJudge13 DrJudge13

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I went to Muscat, Oman and my GPS wasn't updated with the new red-lights. My five minute drive turned to 30 minutes. 


asl.konac asl.konac

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 I lost when we went to visit Lisbon Castle with my firends. I stopped to tie my shoes and when I looked back they were gone. It happened in few seconds. We were in the castle and it was full of tourist. Since we came all together from Bilbao (had spanish sim cards) I was not able to contact them. I tried to find a wifi spot and when I did I texted them. The problem was that they got so nervous and searching for me everywhere. They even thought I felt down from the castle walls that we were walking by. Meanwhile I couldn't know what to do or where to wait them. We found each other 2 hours later, I am glad we did :))

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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1998: OMG, Paris was confusing!  Wish we had a GPS back then...

revatar revatar

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Egypt, got dropped at the wrong airport terminal with less than an hour to catch my flight


marianaherreria marianaherreria

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 Wasn't that fun. I was really lost, afraid and tired, though now when I think about it I laugh.

jimwoodiii jimwoodiii

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After going to an Australian pub in Paris to meet up with a few friends, my host said he was going to head home and asked if I wanted to join or come later. Well, I was having such a splended time with my other friends that I elected to stay out... but was unaware that the underground quits running before the beers tops flowing... I wondered around the city, hopping buses, knowing only that my friend's flat was close to the Eiffel Tower (I had arrived earlier that morning). I walked I don't know how long, alone, in the dark, on the streets of Paris... but I loved every minute of it. Taking in the sights and sounds, to truly see the lights of Paris...

Stevy Stevy

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Got lost in Amsterdam after a visit at a local coffee shop with friends, amazing experience...we must have been walking around the streets for hours (or at least it felt so long)!we sure had a great time :D


laura.peciulyte.7 laura.peciulyte.7

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3 hours searching for a hostel. completely high, left hotel at 5:00, came back at 8:30... unforgetable


danielnemes84 danielnemes84

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It's hard to get lost with today's modern technology, I haven't get lost in the true sense of word, but distraction and haste can put you on the wrong road. I wanted to go from Ely to King's Cross, but I took the wrong train in the opposite direction at Kings Lynn, I realized and went down to a second station in Downham Market where I took a train back to London. This way I had the opportunity to see a new city in UK :)

TopFrog TopFrog

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Lots of times!! Lol


hailbop hailbop

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Dublin at night!


caro_alva caro_alva

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Let me just say that this was not my original goal. My friend and I had taken a bus in Rwanda from the Kimironko market and wanted to head into Kigali to see Hotel-Milles Collines. Got off at the bus stop in the city centre and just walked around mindlessly and we didn't know which way we were heading. Asked a few people for directions until we finally ended up at the hotel  

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