Get my first car!

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mpsatha mpsatha

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 There is no other love, like the first one!

strawberrishorts121 strawberrishorts121

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my mom gave me this car and i got it like a week before february was over! its my baby! her name is Eeyore! (:

arikel_vampira arikel_vampira

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It's not much, but it's mine!


Chloeh95 Chloeh95

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This is pretty much the second step of my driving test goal and will probably be reached within days of that one. However this is also about getting a car that I like within my price range and not a rusty old corsa.

Kim12 Kim12

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Got my First Car a few days after I passed my test, a blue Renault Clio 


Modest Modest

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Picked out a nice little used car :)


holding.jess holding.jess

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 I couldn't do without my car!

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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 My dad's friend was selling his daughters car! It now has a new owner :)

shannon1996jones shannon1996jones

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 Bought my first car! 😆 Now I'm not totally dependent on my parents and have a bit of freedom!

jynxmecrazie89_ jynxmecrazie89_

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 First car & bought it off the lot with a total of 9 miles on it. The poor thing doesn't look half as shiny and pretty as it does in the picture, but at almost 100,000 miles she's still chugging along like a champ, lol.

BelleBall BelleBall

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Brought Fred the Fiesta on 6th October 2013! Woo! 

alisema alisema

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Got a car to call my own!! 2013 Toyota Corolla Special Sport Edition in Hot Lava. LOVE IT!!


anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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I am truly proud of this one! Already saved enough money to buy this car when I was only 17! And now (2016) it is still rolling me to work every day. <3 

Jamiebucketlistgoals Jamiebucketlistgoals

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It is so exciting getting my very first car.....I'm on my way 

Bentjd10 Bentjd10

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Infiniti G37x 2010


caro_alva caro_alva

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Got my first car (under my name and everything). Super proud of this little beast. Everyone comments that the colour absolutely suits me haha 

mikaela_time mikaela_time

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My first car. RIP Epona. 


__cfaith __cfaith

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Jaguar X Type. Got it from my grandma for my 16th birthday.

Shenanagins Shenanagins

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Bought a new car! 2015 Honda Fit.  

sydneyspencer sydneyspencer

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1997 Blue Jeep Cherokee

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