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Fatima Fatima

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you know ... I found a new job was my first day that i begin my job...Its very good ... :)

S4ramiu S4ramiu

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I was working in daycare 2011!

watashiannadesu watashiannadesu

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So, since I became a top notcher in the recent nursing board exams, the review center where I studied hired me. So I'm part of the payroll meaning that this is legitimately my first ever job. yahoo? It's hard but I guess I'll get used to it :)

Smiz Smiz

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Got my first job at a pizza parlor making pizza bases, answering phones, serving and mainly doing that magical base air flip :P 

petraxo petraxo

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Job at hospital lab.  

rbt89 rbt89

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first job as an it-assistant in an public space advertising company (called epamedia)

great experience, learnt a lot about it and advertising

recently in this company i was responsible for the whole it department.


Fleurrtjee_x Fleurrtjee_x

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Jaa mijn eerste baantje was krantjes en preipoten hahah!


jammnist jammnist

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I start freelancing now)) and i kinda like doing such a thing, it's easy and interacting)) So, i write short stories for different travel agencies)) 

britt.vanhoof.587 britt.vanhoof.587

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Still working there. 


bibi.schut bibi.schut

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 Working at Coffeedate 

FrancesMarie1918 FrancesMarie1918

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Panera Bread.

I have met a lot of great people, learned a lot of new skills, laughed and met new friends.

Without a doubt, the best first job i have had.

lucyalbon lucyalbon

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G ot offered job on 30th May and start date is 25th June 2018

lizfarnsworth lizfarnsworth

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First official job I had that I needed to fill out a W-2 for was for Taco Time in Highland, UT.  Had I known how to speak Spanish at the time, the job might not have been so horrible.


aleidkrist aleidkrist

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I need money, so ....


alouises alouises

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This year I'd really like to take my first step into adulthood by getting my first job! Additionally, as an extra goal I'd like to give/use my first pay for my family, particularly my parents and older sister who have given so much to me already. I guess I have to step out of my comfort zone and really accomplish this for 2016!

EDIT - COMPLETED: Well I officially got my first job as a co-coach of a high school basketball team! We won our first game by a huge point gap so it's gotten off to a good start, hopefully this small job will be the first of many in my lifetime!



Becka_Kinchin Becka_Kinchin

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Got a job at Primark.

levao97 levao97

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at starbucks!!!


keithlight keithlight

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 My first job was at a Restraunt called Mijitas where I was a busser. The restraunt is the best! The owners I would concider personal friends. It was great... untill personal quarls made me loose intrest and while it was a summer job half way through my second year I quit. Not a big deal. So much fun. 

alineguerreiro2015 alineguerreiro2015

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I love my profession! My first job was to go on duty at the same hospital as my husband. Which was even better!

I love my profession! My first job was to go on duty at the same hospital as my husband. What was even better!


jennifer.pinches jennifer.pinches

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Took longer than I thought to find but was well worth finding. Love it!


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