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TianaM TianaM

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The day I got my permit, I crashed. I did NOT see a license in my future lol. Somehow, someway I got my license 1st try! Now it doesn't take 2 hours to get to school!!

t0uchof1nsanity t0uchof1nsanity

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It has been really had for me to obtain my drivers license. >.< It was harder for me than it would be for most people.

Chocolatethunda Chocolatethunda

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On December 5th 2013 my brother paid for me to get my G1 license and i got it right before my 17th birthday, I skipped school that day, my sister drove and we went to get it, I just passed, by getting only 3 wrong.  

McKennaRae McKennaRae

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acidpixiedust acidpixiedust

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nex yearrrrr i hope lol

tberlynn tberlynn

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Haha its a important thing I want

JennMae96 JennMae96

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I had a week left till my permit expired. If I didn't pass I was in a lot of trouble with my parents! So I practiced parallel parking for 3 hours in the driving centers lot the sunday before I went for my test. I was so nervous but I passed!

xXxleighxXx xXxleighxXx

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Passed in May 2011

heytherelexx heytherelexx

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Getting my license was a goal that I had ever since I passed my permit test.  Luckily, driving was something that I succeeded in, and I passed my test the first time! 

LinninWonderland LinninWonderland

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I got three! Scooter, car and motorcycle.

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