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ladyreneeconsolacion ladyreneeconsolacion

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We hiked to Bridge to Nowhere for about 2 hours, and we saw a rattle snake on the way.  I think bungee jumping was way scarier than tandem sky diving because I was more in control of the jump, but I liked my first jump so much I decided to do a second jump!  The hike itself was pretty rough, but it was definitely fun.

RebeccaSarahhh RebeccaSarahhh

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scary but AMAZING would definitly do it again.


k.holland k.holland

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Best way to celebrate valentines day is by hiking through frigid water, along a path a foot wide that could drop you to your death, then jumping off a bridge. 02-14-2008

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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Can't describe it. I jumped off a 70 Mts (230 ft) high bridge. The best feeling in my life!


white2sugars white2sugars

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 Done with Tom branch and Blake and Megan spencer. Sunday 15th may Brighton marina. 160 foot jump

gigglebox gigglebox

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It was so much fun. I was crazy to jump in a dress lol 

emmalaurion emmalaurion

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Last Christmas I gifted my dad with an experience. We finally got to go this May and it was the time of my life. I travel all the time and have gone skydiving and basically am an adrenaline junkie.... This had to be one of the greatest rushes of my life. Will definitely be going back. If you find yourself in Washington hit up bungee.com 

@iman @iman

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Was awesome. Hesitated for 2 seconds on jumping, but did it lol.


Millers Millers

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I jumped off the Victoria Fall Bridge and plummeted towards the Zambezi. It was terrifying!


Morticia Morticia

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The ultimate feeling of freedom. :)

It was so, so awesome. I did it in the late evening, so nothing was visible. It was like jumping in the nothingness. Just... darkness all around. But the feelings i got are beyond expressing in words. Freedom. Excitement. Joy. Adrenaline. Wasn't scared even for a bit. It was so, so megacool, i will do it again. :)

rockyace rockyace

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 Incredible but scary experience.

sophiediaz sophiediaz

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This was amazing! I was feeling really rubbish this day because I was in love with someone who didn't love me..typical story. I told myself I would get to the top and jump right off but it didn't happen like that because when you get to the top it seems 1000000X scarier! Long story short..i got pushed off and felt a hell of a lot better afterwards because the adrenaline rush was insane.


jeremymartin88 jeremymartin88

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It's safe to say I've done this a few times, somewhere north of 20 if I can recall correctly. One time I went 4 times in one day!  I have jumped at West Edmonton Mall, Nanaimo and Whistler.

My advice for your first time would be to jump by your feet and just do a big swan dive. It gives the most sensation and longest ride over flipping or being attached by your chest which will rotate you once their is tension in the cord instead letting you fall head first for the whole stretching of the cable. Jumping backwards would be the second best!    Happy jumping!

jonathan.koh.98 jonathan.koh.98

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 Did my first jump while in Seoul. It was a 45m high jump, with the safety vest/bungee rope attached to the lower back. My first ever high-element jump (not even a flying-fox) but I wasnt very nervous back then. With a giant leap forward, I was out in mid-air, and let the whole 'anti-gravity' feeling rushed through me. It was for about 3-4 seconds worth of 'anti-gravity' feel before I started having butterflies in the stomach.

The whole experience wasn't as scary probably because I was'nt falling head first or the kind where the bungee rope is attached to the legs. Not bad for a new experience, and also it was rather cheap at just 25,000won(SGD 25).

I guess it will really be nerve-wrecking when it comes to bungee-jumping over a bridge or cliff or something.

lovinglifesince2002 lovinglifesince2002

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I jumped off of the bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was amazing!!


danielnemes84 danielnemes84

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Just one of those things that you have to do. I don't mind where as long as its a pretty view from the top.

160ft London O2 Arena Bungee Jump, it was first of several things I wanted to do and I can say it was fantastic, really does get your blood pumping for more! The team there were excellent, great photos and video of the jump!

kankerjood kankerjood

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 the wire snapped

vildefs vildefs

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 Went bungy jumping in the rain forest in Cairns, Australia! One of the wildest moments of my life - so much adrenaline!! And fun! So I had to do it one more time after. 

milan.lu milan.lu

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I got inspired by the BTS Prologue Video and wanted to jump like Taehyun SO SO BADLY. I got to do this at the Yes101 Bungee Festival at Waters Edge!!! Probably never doing that again haha 

sasa4 sasa4

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That was the best experience in my whole life! Just awesome!!

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